The $6 BILLION Dollar Pain Point You Can Invest In

  •  Apr 10, 2018
The $6 BILLION Dollar Pain Point You Can Invest In
Do you remember the days when you would go to the doctors and they would have to move around massive shelves to find your file folder and medical history? Well, despite these documents being made electronic in recent years, the accessibility of these documents still looks much like the day of big, old shelves stuffed to the brim with paper file folders.

Unfortunately the way systems are currently set up, communication of healthcare records is rather spotty. Not only are medical records not readily accessible to patients and doctors, but data breaches lead to over $6 billion in damages every year. Put simply, doctors and patients currently have poor access to their records, yet hackers have pretty decent access.

Something needs to give and that's where the Blockchain solution, Medchain comes into play. Check out my discussion with Joachim Sandgaard below and learn more about what he and...

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