Affordable Community Energy Services Company

Affordable Community Energy Services Company

Early Stage

To bring environmental and financial sustainability to owners and residents of low-income housing.

To bring environmental and financial sustainability to owners and residents of low-income housing.


Raised this Round: Raised: $22,750

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Equity - Common

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RegCF    Open SEC Filing

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Energy, Power, & Natural Resources

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Chicago, Illinois

Ever wished you could find an investment that combines the feel-good nature of a charity with the financial gains of an investment? Well, my charitable investor friends, wish no more.

ACE is here -- so have no fear! ACE (Affordable Community Energy Services Company) is a mission-driven, for-profit social enterprise that is out to help the world. Firstly, it aims to keep affordable housing affordable; secondly, it helps sustain the environment; and thirdly, it’s expected to achieve targeted sustainable returns. ACE is doing good to the power of three - it’s not just good, it’s g-O-O-O-d!

ACE hopes to provide critical and direct support to owners of low-income housing by reducing and controlling utility costs. Their target (for now) is HUD-subsidized housing. With ACE’s energy efficiency and water conservation improvements, they aim to help reduce electricity consumption by 15-40%; reduce natural gas consumption by 20-40%; and reduce water consumption by 25-60%. In terms of achieving targeted sustainable returns, ACE expects to obtain revenue from a developer’s fee targeted at 10% of total project costs and contract revenues over the term of anticipated ten year agreements.

To achieve this, ACE provides all the resources and expertise necessary to perform these improvements, assumes the risks of their performance, and provides 100% of the capital. Currently, ACE”s modeling suggests that their projects could be feasible in 20 states, which have a collective 2.5 million HUD-subsidized housing units. If ACE can convince the owners of just 3% of those units to work with them, their projected total revenues, over ten years, would reach $19 million. And they’re already well on their way. In fact, ACE is currently working with Mercy Housing in California for a potential project that could include up to 110 properties.

With very little other competition out there, ACE is proving to be the ace of this market so far. After all, not only do they provide environmental and financial stability to low-income housing units, but they also offer sustainable returns to investors. With all that, this investment could make you feel good about your investment - ACE g-o-o-o-d.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
Are you someone looking to help the world, but want to invest, rather than just donate? Or do you maybe own affordable-housing units and want to help cut costs? Well then, ACE just might be the ace of the investment deck for you. Their mission to reduce carbon footprints, increase energy resiliency, and keep affordable housing affordable is a mission we can all get on board with. So if want to do some good in the world, then investing in ACE might just be the way for you to achieve that -- and feel g-o-o-o-d about it.
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