Amici Montessori Language Academy

Amici Montessori Language Academy

Amici Montessori Language Academy teaches our children the skills they will need to be competitive in the 21st Century.

Amici Montessori Language Academy teaches our children the skills they will need to be competitive in the 21st Century.


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Phoenix, Arizona

Students today need to be ready for 21st century jobs in a 21st century world. To do that, we need to start breaking the mold of what traditional teaching looks like.

And that’s exactly what Amici Montessori Language Academy plans to do. Amici Montessori (AM) will be a Mandarin, Spanish, and English language immersion school with a Montessori philosophy. Montessori schools are centered around students exploring their environment while learning communication, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, and persistence. Students at AM will also be taught coding, permaculture, health and wellness, music, arts, science, and math...all while being immersed in and learning the three most spoken languages in the world.

Founder Sean Michael Diana is well-versed in what it takes to provide effective education. He has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Administration, and he successfully started Beibei Amigos Lanuguage Preschool in 2008, which is also a Spanish, Mandarin, and English immersion school. His vision is to continue opening schools to provide this modern curriculum to young students, and he plans for his next school to be in Tempe Arizona. The location is ideal, as it’s easily accessible from the highway and in a family-dense area, and it’s affordable. Rent is only $3,500 a month, and if the school was at full capacity of 56 students, Diana estimates the maximum monthly revenue would be $56,000. He would also only need 17 students enrolled to break even.

Public U.S. Montessori schools have doubled in the last 15 years to approximately 450 programs that serve 112,000 students, and language immersion schools have grown to over 1,000 schools since 1974. AM has a serious edge in both markets, as there’s no other private school in the U.S. that combines Montessori values and Mandarin, Spanish and English immersion with all their other offerings, like coding and permaculture.

Amici Montessori aims to provide students with lifelong skills. Investing in a school like this means investing in the future world citizens of the world...and knowing they’re being equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
Are you a parent or guardian of a young child looking for new types of education? If so, then Amici Montessori Language Academy might be the school for you. For people living in Arizona, your investment could help establish your student’s future school. If you live elsewhere, investing now could mean that a school like AM is in your area soon. Either way, you can feel like you’re investing in what the future of education could look like. It’s a potential profit not just for education….but for your bank account, too.
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