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Analyst Report: Upgrade for access 20/20 GeneSystems Makes Cancer Screening Affordable

20/20 GeneSystems offers an affordable test that screens for multiple types of cancers. But the market may not be ready for 20/20's solution.

Company: 20/20 GeneSystems on StartEngine 2022
Security Type: Convertible Note
Valuation: $58,400,000
Min Investment: $500
Platform: StartEngine
Deadline: Dec 21, 2022
Teddy Lyons - November 9th

Blood Will Tell

Cancer is the most studied disease in the world. Just about everyone has been affected by it in one way or another. And when it comes to cancer treatment, the news is always the same — new experimental drugs, new trial therapies. Like you, I hope that we will have a cure for cancer one day. But right now, that day seems to be pretty far off.

In the meantime, what is the most effective way to address cancer? The answer is clear: early detection. When cancer is detected at Stage 1, survival rates increase substantially. (Most studies show at least five years of survival after early diagnosis.) However, the infrastructure in place for cancer detection is based on X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, and other types of specialized technology. There is really no well-known alternative to these expensive, image-based tests. 

Well, the company I am introducing today — 20/20 GeneSystems — offers a blood-based cancer detection test for just $189. 20/20’s OneTest is the cheapest cancer test on the market and utilizes a method called tumor antigen detection. Tumor antigen testing has been around for decades. It detects the presence of cancer-specific proteins in the body. 20/20 increases the accuracy of traditional antigen tests by using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms, and it can find multiple types of cancer: colon, lung, ovarian, prostate, liver, stomach, and pancreatic.

How? Well, since 2018, the company has gotten access to the records of more than 200,000 patients with known cancer outcomes. Once a OneTest sample is received, 20/20 uses machine learning algorithms based on these medical records to predict the likelihood of a patient having cancer. Currently, the company is targeting individual consumers and high-risk occupational groups (like firefighters).

Now that you know what 20/20 GeneSystems is all about, let’s dig deeper into the performance of the business. 

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