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Analyst Report: Upgrade for access Apis Cor’s Competition Makes It Stronger

Apis Cor’s 3D-printing robot can build concrete walls quickly with minimal human supervision. But is the world ready for its technology?

Company: Apis Cor on StartEngine 2022
Security Type: Equity - Common
Valuation: $133,555,405
Min Investment: $250
Platform: StartEngine
Deadline: Feb 27, 2023
Léa Bouhelier-Gautreau - December 15th

A 3D-Printed Dream House

I have seen many prefabricated and modular housing startups raising money online recently. Leveraging robotics to build cheap houses quickly in factories and then install them in a matter of hours on land is a fascinating idea. But between you and me, as a customer, I wouldn’t want to buy a prefabricated house. I would be afraid that the wall material would be too weak and that the house would collapse on top of me. And while this is slightly less of a nightmare, prefabricated houses also don’t really leave room for creative designs.

That doesn’t mean I am completely against having a robot build my dream house, though. I actually believe that Apis Cor’s robot might be the right candidate for the job. The startup is launching a 3D-printing robot capable of building the walls for up to three house floors. It’s a giant robotic arm that sits in the middle of the house it’s about to build, applying concrete layer by layer. It can work around the clock as long as a human is with it. 

You heard me: Only one worker is needed to build all the exterior and interior walls of a house. Remarkably, it takes less than a week.

I would love to brag to friends that a robot built my house. But, aside from the novelty factor, what I really like is that Apis Cor can reduce total construction costs by up to 30% (according to the company), diminish waste, and significantly reduce construction time. Apis Cor’s robot is not only very cool, but it can also help increase US housing capacity — and, critically, it can do so at more affordable prices.

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