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Analyst Report: Upgrade for access Biodel AG’s Microscopic Solution Could Solve Huge Problems

Biodel AG’s microbial method for reviving soil is extremely promising, making this moonshot startup an intriguing investment opportunity.

Company: Biodel AG on Wefunder 2022
Security Type: Convertible Note
Valuation: $25,000,000
Min Investment: $250
Platform: Wefunder
Deadline: Jan 20, 2023
Vin Narayanan - December 2nd

Houston, We Have Company

Note: This recommendation was co-authored by KingsCrowd Senior Investment Research Analyst Léa Bouhelier-Gautreau.

Moonshot companies are tricky to evaluate. By definition, moonshots are bold, audacious, innovative attempts to solve massive problems. And if the solution is successful, it can be immensely profitable for investors and beneficial for society.

Moonshots are also incredibly risky. Such innovative solutions are difficult to build. And often, it takes a long time before society adopts a moonshot solution. It’s hard to overcome decades of doing something the same way.

That’s why timing is incredibly important when investing in moonshots. We know that many early stage moonshot companies are at least a decade away from succeeding. Investing in them often means waiting a long time before seeing any returns.

But every now and then, a moonshot company arrives on the scene at precisely the right moment — when a problem is so big and pressing that the world needs to adopt a working solution right away. And if a moonshot company has a working solution — and clear pathway to growth and monetization — that dramatically reduces the company’s risk profile and makes it extremely attractive to startup investors. 

We believe Biodel AG is one of these special moonshot companies. 

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