Analyst Report: Upgrade for access Coyuchi Is Sewing Sustainability Into Home Goods

Coyuchi is a luxury home goods brand that offers sustainable textiles. But can the company sustain its revenue growth as it opens physical stores?

Company: Coyuchi
Security Type: Equity - Preferred
Valuation: $117,000,000
Min Investment: $500
Platform: Manhattan Street Capital
Deadline: Jun 7, 2023
Francis Vu - November 2nd, 2022


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of my impact on the environment. While I understand that just 100 companies contribute to more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, I still believe doing my part to recycle, compost, and eat more plant-forward is worth it. And it seems that consumers — and some companies — agree with me. No matter the demographic, consumers across the board are trying to shop and live more sustainably. Many public companies are allocating more resources towards sustainable practices. With consumers and companies thinking more about sustainability, it seems almost prescient for a 30-year-old company like Coyuchi to have made sustainability a core value from inception. 

Coyuchi is a luxury home goods brand focused on producing sustainable textiles like bed sheets and towels. Its practices revolve around the circular economy: sustainably producing high-quality organic cotton that customers purchase and use. Customers can then return their used goods via the company’s “2nd Home Take Back” program that recycles and renews old Coyuchi linens. Coyuchi also has a “2nd Home Renewed” program that cleans, mends, and resells the refurbished products. Renewed products are sold for 35% to 40% of the original retail price. Any other product that cannot be renewed is recycled and used in Coyuchi’s cotton blanket product, which is its first fully circular product that uses 52% recycled Coyuchi cotton and 48% new material. Coyuchi clearly takes sustainability seriously. And that makes a lot of sense when you look at CEO Eileen Mockus’s background.

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