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Instafloss’ innovative water flosser makes flossing faster and easier than ever. But a spotless smile can come with a price.

Company: Instafloss on Republic 2022
Security Type: SAFE
Valuation: $15,700,000
Min Investment: $100
Platform: Republic
Deadline: Jan 27, 2023
Olivia Strobl - November 2nd

All Smiles

I would be exaggerating if I said that I floss every single day. And I am not alone in this regard. Only 40% of Americans floss daily, and 14% of us would rather clean a toilet than floss our teeth. I can’t say that I fall into that category, but I do think I could be doing more for my pearly whites. 

When I do floss, I use regular string floss. But I’ve considered using a water flosser in the past. I see the benefits — it could cover more tooth area than string floss and help with annoying coffee stains. And I have heard great things about Waterpiks — the original water flosser.

In the early ’60s, the water flosser was invented as a string floss alternative. Water flossers use a powerful and steady stream of water to remove food and bacteria that can turn into plaque on the teeth. Traditional water flossers have a single jet stream that should be used at a 90 degree angle to the tooth. But for hard-to-reach teeth, that isn’t easy to do. Individually water flossing each tooth can be time consuming and ineffective (if done at the wrong angle). 

Founder Eli Pakcouz believed that this process could be drastically improved. Over five years of research and development, he and his team came up with Instafloss — a really cool device that anybody can master within minutes. 

Instead of one single jet stream like the traditional water flosser, Instafloss has 12 jets hitting your gums and teeth at critical angles. The mouthpiece is shaped like a sideways capital H (see below) that brackets your upper and lower row of teeth. Taking hold of the device’s long stem, the user moves the mouthpiece from one end of the mouth to the other in 10-second sweeps. And the device does all the work. It directs the water at the recommended 90 degree angle, with the water stream hitting the full surface of each tooth.

Instafloss is attached to a water basin that sits next to the sink. It can use water alone, but the company also offers an add-on mouthwash concentrate that can be mixed into the water for a deeper clean. Instafloss also recommends replacing the mouthpiece every three months due to corrosion from metals in our water. Multiple mouthpieces are available for purchase, so only one machine is needed per household. 

Instafloss is currently on a waitlist for preorder. The machine costs $299, with a $100 discount for preorders. Mouthpieces are a universal fit and are available for a three-month auto-refill at $10. Individual mouthpieces cost $15 per quarter if not purchased through the automated refill.

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