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Analyst Report: Upgrade for access Queer Spaces Is a Safe Place to Be Authentic

Queer Spaces developed an app to let queer communities share common interests in a safe space. But it may have some monetization concerns.

Company: Queer Spaces on Wefunder 2022
Security Type: SAFE
Valuation: $8,000,000
Min Investment: $100
Platform: Wefunder
Deadline: Nov 12, 2022
Olivia Strobl - September 9th

Building a Safe Space

It can be difficult for people with marginalized identities of any kind to feel comfortable being authentic, especially in new or unknown spaces. Unfortunately, queer people experience this discomfort on a regular basis. And that creates serious problems It can be very damaging to queer-identifying people’s mental and physical health if they are unable to express their complex identities in a safe, confirming space.

Even in spaces that appear safe but are not designated queer or queer-friendly, being out can carry a massive risk. Many queer people lose friends, family, and support systems by being their authentic selves. Some risk judgment in the workplace. It is rare that queer people can step into a room confident that everyone present will accept them.

Queer Spaces, a spin-off of queer social network app Hornet, is building a safe space for people belonging to the queer community to connect. The app doesn’t necessarily make having a queer identity the focal point of chats, unlike Discord servers and Reddit threads for queer people. For example, some chat room topics include herbalism, crypto and non-fungible tokens, the Japanese language, and location-based clubs. Queer Spaces unites individuals who just happen to be queer based on common interests. In doing so, it becomes a safe space for authentic, multidimensional people with many interests that coexist with their queer identity. Safety and judgement aside, queer culture is deep, rich, and rooted in pride. The Queer Spaces app serves as a safe place to appreciate and nurture queer culture.

The niche need for this app is clear. Very few social networking sites focus exclusively on the queer community. Even among queer-designated apps, Queer Spaces stands out out for targeting the entire umbrella of queer identities. Historically, queer apps like Grindr have focused solely on gay men.

Queer Spaces is a very promising and necessary project. But whether or not the company will make a strong addition to an investor portfolio depends on its ability to overcome some big hurdles.

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