Analyst Report: Upgrade for access Stock Card Makes It Easy to Be a Responsible Investor

Stock Card speeds up due diligence for stock investors with quick and simple insights. But it faces some challenges.

Company: Stock Card
Security Type: SAFE
Valuation: $10,000,000
Min Investment: $150
Platform: Republic
Deadline: Jan 27, 2023
Inez Sanjaya - December 1st, 2022

All the Cards on the Table

Do you remember the GameStop saga of 2021? The struggling video game retailer was trading at $13.66 on December 9, 2020. Some hedge funds expected GameStop’s stock to hit zero, so they short sold its stock. (Short selling a stock means investors borrow shares of a stock and sell it on the open market in hopes that the stock price will fall.) The hedge funds planned to buy back GameStop’s stock at a much lower price than they initially sold it for and profit from the difference between the two prices. Little did everyone know, the fate of GameStop was about to change. 

A retail investor named Keith Gill was outspokenly bullish about GameStop on his YouTube channel and on the Reddit forum WallStreetBets because of the value he saw in heavily shorted stock. Gill’s posts got a lot of attention from other retail investors, who became convinced that GameStop had potential despite the market demonstrating the opposite. Some 900,000 retail investors rallied to push GameStop’s price upward, forcing institutional investors to back out and buy back their shares at a huge loss. That pushed the price even higher by increasing demand. GameStop’s share price eventually peaked at $483 in January 2021. It didn’t last long, plummeting to $112.25 by the time the market closed. 

There were many traders who made huge profits from buying shares in the expectation that they’d go up. Some might have actually done their due diligence. But there were also retail investors who just followed the hype and bought high right before prices fell off a cliff. 

As a result, some unlucky investors lost millions of dollars

That is what I fear the most — investors putting their life savings into a viral stock without knowing what they’re getting into. Smart investors do their research. The more serious among them dive deep into the fundamentals of companies before investing in them. 

Yet I know it is not easy to navigate through all the data points, news, and sentiments that are dispersed all over the internet. Not only do investors have to understand all the financial jargon, but they also have to somehow separate what is true and factual from what is misleading and fanciful.

Stock Card makes this due diligence process much easier for investors. It takes data from Morningstar, YCharts, and Benzinga, which then gets processed and turned into simple two-by-three tables with digestible insights. These include practically everything you need to know about a stock: its financial health, bullish or bearish sentiment, valuation, dividend, growth potential, return history, and much more. Individual consumers can use Stock Card for free with limited access, or they can subscribe for $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year for unlimited content. Businesses can also use Stock Card for free to access its attributions or pay a license fee subscription between $799 and $2,500 a month to remove Stock Card’s link-back.

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