KingsCrowd is taking the next step in its journey. We started in 2018 with the goal of enabling all investors to make informed, data-driven decisions in startup investing. And we’ve come so far already.

Today, we’re proud to have more than 350,000 investors who trust KingsCrowd for discovery, insight, research, and education on online startup investing. In three short years, here are just a few of the major accomplishments we’ve achieved:

  • Developed a first-of-its-kind, data-driven rating algorithm (patent pending) for online startup investments.
  • Published more than 500 Analyst Reports, providing in-depth research and analysis on key factors like market potential, financial performance, and team composition.
  • Created a free-to-use Portfolio tool that allows investors to track and monitor their startup investments in one easy place, regardless of platform or date.
  • Grown to a 20 person team with experience from industry-leading companies like Dow Jones, Bank of America, The Motley Fool, Oxford Club, Carta, and Millennium Trust Company.
  • Published the KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report, which leverages years of data to chart the growth of Regulation Crowdfunding deals and provide a deep dive into metrics like average valuations, amount raised across platforms, and founder demographics.
  • Raised more than $2 million via online crowdfunding.

But we’re just getting started. 

The online private markets are exploding. In the first half of 2021, nearly $240 million was invested into Regulation Crowdfunding — more than the $210 million invested in all of 2020! We expect to see more than $500 million invested this year into startups via Regulation Crowdfunding. The number of platforms that host these deals is also steadily growing, with new offerings joining every week. And KingsCrowd is at the forefront, capturing all of this exciting growth in the online private markets.

Over the coming months, we plan to continue increasing our coverage of the online private equity markets. We started with Regulation Crowdfunding — now we’re adding Regulation A+, Regulation D, and late stage raises as well. We also have plans to add ratings for real estate deals, a rapidly growing section of the online investment marketplace. KingsCrowd will continue adding functionality to our portfolio tool so that all investors can track and monitor promising investment opportunities no matter what platform they come from. And as we establish ourselves as the leading source for data and analytics on private asset trading, we’re expanding our services to wealth firms, brokerages, and universities as well. 

And as part of our growth, we are excited to announce our Series A round powered by Republic! We are aiming to raise up to $15 million from both accredited and non-accredited investors. The minimum investment amount is $1,000. Please note that non-accredited investors are limited to a maximum investment amount of 10% of their total net worth (excluding their home). Accredited investors have no investment limit.

Our Series A capital will empower us to become the global online private market data provider. To achieve that, we’re building out our investment research, technology, and marketing teams as we scale into new asset classes, product categories, and geographies. KingsCrowd is proud to be crowdfunder supported. We’ve previously raised more than $2 million from investors in the crowd. And we’re continuing that legacy.

You can read more about the KingsCrowd journey and where we’re headed on our raise page. We hope you’ll join us as we become the trusted data source for the online private markets!