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Ahmad Takatkah

Ahmad comes to KingsCrowd with the perfect blend of venture capital and data science experience. He holds an MBA, is a Kauffman Fellow and has spent eight years working in venture capital, with stops at N2V, Leap Ventures, and ArzanVC. He also spent three years at Carta, a leader in cap table management and private equity technology. In his free time, he runs his own VC and data science-focused blog: VCpreneur.com where he entertains and educates thousands of readers.

Capital Fund Blog - December 19, 2022

A New Standard for Investment Portfolios

KingsCrowd Capital Fund I: Learn the Essentials

KingsCrowd Capital Fund I has made its first investments! And we put together a video series to explain the essentials of the fund.

Market Correction in the Public and Private Markets

Both the online private market and public market are struggling. But a market correction isn't bad news for startup investors.

Convertible Notes Are Dying

This post explores how the introduction of SAFEs led to the downfall of convertible notes in startup funding rounds.

Pioneering a New Kind of Venture Capital

KingsCrowd is offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in the first VC quant fund. Here’s how it works.

The Power of Data-Driven Investing

In this Chart of the Week, we show the power of data-driven startup investing by looking at unrealized returns.

Startup Trends: Tiny Homes

We examine the emerging trend of companies making tiny homes and look at recent tiny home startups that have raised capital online.

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