Inez Sanjaya
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Inez Sanjaya

Inez's background is in the startup ecosystem, which she is very passionate about. Inez has experience working in a startup, a Google-backed accelerator, and lastly in Plug and Play Tech Center. Prior to this, she was a part of VU Venture Partners doing deal sourcing and conducting due diligence. Inez graduated from the University of California Berkeley with an Economics degree.

PSYONIC Is Taking Advanced Bionic Prosthetics Into its own Hands

PSYONIC is designing a bionic prosthetic hand packed with unique features at an affordable price. Now the company just needs to scale.

Immergo Labs Makes Physical Therapy Less of a Pain in the Schedule

Immergo Labs will let patients undergo physical therapy remotely in a virtual reality setting. But it has some obstacles to navigate.

Farm to Flame Energy Offers Green Generators and a Long Timeline

Farm to Flame Energy is developing a generator system that uses dry biomass instead of fossil fuels. But the startup is far from commercialization.

Stock Card Makes It Easy to Be a Responsible Investor

Stock Card speeds up due diligence for stock investors with quick and simple insights. But it faces some challenges.

Groundfloor Gives Non-Accredited Investors a Massive Opportunity

Groundfloor lets retail investors invest in loans for renovating and redeveloping residential properties. But it has to navigate a few risks.

LaneAxis Is Cruising Through Product Development

LaneAxis’ software directly connects shippers and trucking companies and helps prevent document forgery. But it’s not alone in the market.

LUUM’s Target Market May Not Be Ready for Its Robotic Lash Extension Technology

LUUM’s robotic lash extension service is a great customer experience, but its target market may not be ready for its disruptive technology.

BuzzCast’s Huge Market Opportunity Comes With a Catch

BuzzCast’s platform makes virtual events smooth, high-quality experiences. But it’s not the only company doing so.