Léa Bouhelier-Gautreau
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Léa Bouhelier-Gautreau

Léa is passionate about impact investing and sustainability. Prior to KingsCrowd, she worked for Stanford’s accelerator, StartX, helping to select the most promising entrepreneurs. She also led the first award-winning study on the Malawian startup ecosystem. In her free-time, she volunteers to help entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Brazil and Colombia. Léa holds a degree in Anthropology from France and is currently enrolled in the UC Davis MBA program.

Industry Analysis - October 2, 2023

September Online Startup Investing by the Numbers

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In this founder profile, Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria Battery Innovation Group, discusses his vision for safer lithium-ion batteries, the competitive landscape of battery safety technologies, and the holistic approach that sets Soteria apart.

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The Best Impact Investing Deals of August 2023

The top impact investing opportunities of August 2023 include smart cups, alternative meats, eco-packaging, and more.

Arkadiy Okhman: Steering Delivery Drivers to a Sustainable Future with Sunryde

Explore the visionary world of Arkadiy Okhman, CEO of Sunryde, as he dives deep into his mission to replace cars with e-bikes for a sustainable and cost-effective last-mile delivery solution.