Yasmin Sharbaf
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Yasmin Sharbaf

NatureTrak Founder Jontae James on Legitimizing the Cannabis Industry

KingsCrowd interviewed NatureTrak founder Jontae James to learn about how his company aims to de-stigmatize the cannabis industry.

Rasa Founder Lopa Van Der Mersch on Building a Loving, Sustainable Brand

We interviewed Rasa founder Lopa Van Der Mersch to learn about the company's focus on health, love and sustainability.

How Long Until the Next Funding Round?

This Chart of the Week examines how long startups typically wait before pursuing subsequent funding rounds in the online private market.

FuelGems Founder Kirill Gichunts Wants to Revolutionize Fuel

KingsCrowd interviewed FuelGems founder Kirill Gichunts to learn why FuelGems could get environmental results faster than electric vehicle adoption.

Inahsi Naturals Co-founder Rhonda Marshall on Embracing Natural Curls

KingsCrowd reached out to Inahsi Naturals co-founder Rhonda Marshall to learn about her mission to empower women of color to embrace their natural curls.

Cybolt Co-founder Mauricio Rioseco Is Unifying Cybersecurity

KingsCrowd talked to Cybolt co-founder Mauricio Rioseco about the need for a unified cybersecurity solution.