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Zee Zhong

Capital Fund Blog - April 11, 2023

Can Generative AI Help With Venture Investing?

Avadain Co-founder Brad Larschan on High-Quality Graphene Flakes

KingsCrowd interviewed Avadain co-founder Brad Larschan about how graphene will change Americans’ lives in the future.

Why Preferred Stock Isn’t Always “Preferred”

To know whether preferred stock is better than common stock, investors need to know what their portfolio priorities are.

Top 5 Industries to Look Out for in 2023

Despite the market turmoil 2023 will likely bring, there are five red-hot industries that present exciting investment opportunities.

AiViva Founder Dr. Diane Tang-Liu on Advancing Medicine

KingsCrowd sat down with AiViva founder Dr. Diane Tang-Liu to learn about the company’s new treatment options for a wide variety of diseases.

Ouragins CEO Shaun Veran on Giving Back to Healthcare Professionals

Ouragins CEO Shaun Veran told KingsCrowd how the company’s new copper-threaded, antimicrobial scrubs are benefitting healthcare workers in more ways than one.

Turning an Economic Downturn Into an Opportunity

Both the public and private markets are in a slump. But retail investors and institutional investors can take advantage.

How Does Online Startup Investing Differ From Traditional Venture Capital?

This post explores some differences between traditional venture capital investing and online startup investing.

CAVU Founder Chris Sims on Professional Development Through Scrum

KingsCrowd talked to CAVU founder Chris Sims to find out how the company helps professionals grow and its efforts to improve representation in tech.