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Ride in the sun. Park in the shade.

Ride in the sun. Park in the shade.


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Vero beach, Florida

Going out for a cruise on your bike is the best. Exposing it to the elements when you park it, however, is not.

And now, with Bikekini, you don’t need to worry! They provide the “bikini” for your bike to cover all its essentials. Bikekini has created patented powersport covers for all your powersport vehicle needs. These covers are small and light enough to fit in your pocket, so you can always travel with them; they are one size fits all; and they can be fitted to cover your vehicle in 30 seconds. They come in a small pouch that can lock to your bike or pack away quickly, and they’re waterproof, heat reflective, and UV protective. Plus, they’ve been tested in winds up to 100mph, so they’re towable, and -- to top it off -- you can customize your Bikekini to look like anything you want, from choosing the images they offer to ones you upload or design yourself.

So far, Bikekini has sold over 8,000 products in 31 countries to 6,000 consumers in Europe, and they’ve licensed with companies like Ducati, Honda Racing / World Superbike, and Castrol. Now, they’re looking to launch in North America. With over 2,000 motorcycle and powersport events in the US, they will have plenty of opportunities to promote their product and brand -- especially since some of those events attract over 500,000 bikers. Additionally, Bikekini plans to reach consumers through online sales, legacy retail, brand owners and OEMs, and direct sales.

After all, there are 100 million new powersport vehicles registered globally each year, with more than 16 million registered users in just the US and Canada. Each biker spends an annual average of $2,000 on gear and accessories, and the protection and convenience the Bikekini cover offers makes it an ideal purchase.

The bottom line is that Bikekini wants to create something innovative and new that resonates with consumers, as well as develop a community of like-minded powersport enthusiasts and motorcycle riders to become ambassadors for the brand...all while rocking a Bikekini on their powersport vehicles.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
If you own a powersport vehicle, or own a company that hosts powersport events, then Bikekini might be the “bike-wear” for you. Their small, lightweight, protective covers keep your powersport vehicle safe from the elements (think flying birds, heat, water, UV light, and heavy winds), and you can fit it to cover your vehicle in 30 seconds or less. Plus, investing in Bikekini doesn’t just mean investing in a means investing in a community of like-minded, innovative powersporters. It could be just what you’ve been looking for.
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