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Bouck Brothers Distillery

Bouck Brothers Distillery

Early Stage

Bouck Brothers aims to take craft distilling to the next level by using innovative methods (e.g. aging bourbon in multiple casks) and flavors (e.g. infusing whiskey with coffee)..

Bouck Brothers aims to take craft distilling to the next level by using innovative methods (e.g. aging bourbon in multiple casks) and flavors (e.g. infusing whiskey with coffee)..


Raised this Round: Raised: $111,455

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Equity - Preferred

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RegCF    Open SEC Filing

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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

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Idaho Springs, Colorado

Whether you drink it neat or on the rocks, there’s nothing quite like a smooth glass of whiskey to sit back with after a long day or to celebrate with after a success.

And Bouck Brothers Distillery are here to help pour that whiskey right into your glass. Located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, Bouck Brothers are a small craft distillery working to innovate the whiskey world. From a summer cinnamon whiskey to their famous Colorado Coffee Whiskey and Pink Bear Gin, to their classic two-barrel blend Bourbon Whiskey and single-barrel bourbon Idaho Springs Whiskey, this distillery wants to give you something exciting - and delicious - to sip on.

As the name suggests, Bouck Brothers Distillery was created by two brothers -- Nick and Zak Bouck. They spent years working for, and meeting with, established distilleries across the country to learn and perfect their distilling craft. When they opened their own distillery in 2015, it only took them two years to be able to stock every liquor store in Idaho Springs, make their product available in multiple local bars and restaurants, and distribute in Denver liquor stores. They also offer tours and (free) tastings at the distillery itself.

And it’s clear people enjoy what the Bouck Brothers are pouring. Since opening to the public in 2016, they’ve sold over 1,140 bottles, won a Bronze medal at the 2017 Denver International Spirits competition, and generated $73,954 in sales as of September 2017 for the past year. Cheers to that!

The brothers also believe in community, which is why they’re looking to crowdfunding for investors. They already partner with local Colorado farms and coffee roasters for ingredients and flavors, so they thought this was the perfect time to grow their distillery community and invite other whiskey lovers to help them continue to create innovative beverages and distilling methods.

The Bouck Brothers are clearly far from being on the rocks. In fact, I’d say their distillery and story has a pretty neat beginning -- and one that has a strong and smooth future ahead of it, complete with well-aged oaks and double barrels for all.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offering”
If you are a whiskey lover who wants to support craft distilleries, or if you’re a liquor store owner looking to provide your customers with something special, then this might be the investment to for you. By investing in Bouck Brothers Distillery, you’ll not only be helping create smooth, innovative, and delicious whiskies, but you could also end up with a smooth profit -- and that’s something always worth sipping on.
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