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Digital television for today’s viewer

Digital television for today’s viewer


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Beauty & Personal Care

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Los Angeles, California

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bspoketv, with a valuation cap of $8 million, is raising funds on Republic. The platform curates and aggregates digital content for linear distributions, generating revenue for brands. bspoketv gives small direct-to-consumer brands a platform to advertise their products with analytics similar to Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Michael Dutcher and Jason Dodo founded bspoketv in July 2019 and has raised over $250,000 since its founding. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum goal of $25,000 and a maximum goal of $250,000. The proceeds will be used to hire more salespeople, automate the ad sales system, and refine the advertiser and content creator portals. bspoketv has already created over 45 shows and has 12 over the air local affiliates.

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Financials as of: 08/31/2020
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As consumer habits become increasingly digitized, marketing strategies have shifted. In order to be most effective in the digital world, companies have turned to DtC omnichannel advertising, a strategy defined by working across mediums to target audiences on various platforms, including television. This omnichannel approach often includes social media advertising which is frequently carried out by “influencers” — heavily followed names that provide endorsements, typically in a field of expertise.

The unfortunate downside to an omnichannel marketing strategy — especially when working across mediums like social media and television — is the fragmented nature of streams and user bases. Plus, marketing is expensive. Boosted posts, ad spend, and other marketing expenses can run up costs for small businesses, conservatively approaching a few thousand dollars per month for just a handful of ads.

bspoketv is working to offer an advertising alternative aimed at reducing DtC marketing costs and aggregating audiences. As opposed to focusing on social media, however, bspoketv brings the influencer advertising model to television. Specifically, bspoke tv is a “digital steaming TV channel (like Bravo).” The network streams short episodes of influencer content in six categories: wellness and fitness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and cooking. The business model centers around digital advertising, which is monetized from both commission and ads. 

The network aggregates YouTube videos and integrates them into TV series and in-show commercials. The product includes an “ad optimizer,” claiming “we (bspoketv) take the creative run in on all our shows and the optimizer delivers the optimum mix.”

The current Republic raise has been rated a Neutral Deal by the KingsCrowd investment team.

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bspoketv is raising on a Crowd SAFE at an $8M valuation cap with a 20% discount. As reflected in the middle-of-the-road price rating, this valuation was deemed typical by the investment team given the capital intensity of the product as well as the approximated margins. For example, another digital advertising company raising on Republic at approximately the same stage, was valued at $10M. However, bspoketv is still pre-revenue. At an $8M valuation cap, that’s something investors should be aware of.

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bspoketv’s total addressable market is quite large and growing. Globally, the social media advertising market is expected to reach $37.9B this year with an annual growth rate of 7.9%.  A market this large is a double-edged sword. Theoretically, capturing just 5% makes for a large obtainable market of $18M. However, with a market this large you are bound to run into significant competition. Granted, an exact obtainable market is difficult to capture, especially with two revenue streams: advertising and commissions.

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Co-founder Michael Dutcher brings to the table almost 12 years of relevant industry experience as a strategic advisor for WhereverTV. Though he does not have any past experience as an entrepreneur — and consequently no successful prior exits as a founder — he was an early employee at the latter mentioned WhereverTV which underwent a “reverse merger.”

He is joined by co-founder and CFO, Jason Dodo. Jason has served as CEO for multiple companies in the past, even starting his own company which sold beauty products through infomercials. He holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Witwatersrand.

The combined industry and entrepreneurial maturity of these two co-founders, in addition to their complementary skill sets, made the company’s team score one of its highest.

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As mentioned, social media advertising is undoubtedly a crowded space. Influencer marketing is heavily trending and on an upward trajectory. Among bspoketv’s more established competitors are TBD and fashiontv, which has been around since 1997. Additionally, there is a large number of independent youtube and social media influencers that serve as tangential competition. 

The bspoketv team claims to differentiate on price, broadcasting affiliates, brand ad units, and brand-aligned ad pricing. Though it does appear that these claims are substantiated, defensibility is low. Additionally, these more established competitors suggest that while the space is ripe for disruption, bspoketv’s solution may be on a downtrend, especially as we move away from cable.

Next Section: Performance


According to its Form C, bspoketv is still pre-revenue. The team claims to have over 25 million homes serviced, 26 million content creator subscribers, and 2.2 billion views. The lack of revenue paired with this solid user base indicates that bspoketv has yet to monetize its product. However, the company also reported low levels of debt. These factors balance out to give the company a middling score in performance.

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Bearish Outlook

bspoketv appears to be rolling back the clock as opposed to innovating. Adding to television streaming channels in the 21st century in some ways sounds as ridiculous as modifying the pager or telephone landlines. While the influencer market is booming, the viewership that influencers attract — Gen-Z in particular — is likely the last market segment willing to flip on cable. Fashiontv, one of the most direct competitors, appears to be flailing. In fact, bspoketv directly compares itself to Bravo, a network established in the 80s that can only be accessed with cable or live tv add-ons — a sure sign that this market is behind the times.

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Bullish Outlook

Considering that the majority of competition has been around for decades, this market could prove ripe for disruption. bspoketv certainly offers a refreshing approach to DtC advertising, differentiating it among both the traditional social media influencer strategies and outdated cable advertising. Not to mention the significant traction to date, with over 25 million homes serviced, 26 million content creator subscribers, and 2.2 billion views. Finally, the founding team is composed of industry veterans, mitigating some of the risks that come with the deal.

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Executive Summary

bspoketv has been rated a Neutral Deal. Despite having a strong founding team and appropriate terms, there is very little substantiated traction. Also of concern is the product-market fit. The social media advertising market is large and influencer marketing is trending. But is returning to cable a step in the right direction? Time will tell.

Additionally, with a large market comes competition. Though bspoketv is differentiated, defensibility is low, especially when the playing field consists of incumbents that have been around since the 90s. This is a sign that the space could be outdated and stale. 

Altogether, the potential for a return on investment and risks seem to balance out, making this company a neutral deal. For questions regarding the KingsCrowd staff pick or ratings for this company, please reach out at

Analysis written by Olivia Strobl

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