KingsCrowd Opportunity

LuftCar on StartEngine 2023

LuftCar, valued at $30 million, is an autonomous air and road mobility company that is developing electric vehicle take-off and landing (eVTOL) solutions.

River Glen on StartEngine 2023

River Glen, valued at $12.52 million, creates unique and distinguishable brands of spirits and distributes them through its key distributors and chains.

BetterWorld on Wefunder 2023

BetterWorld, valued at $15 million, has developed AI optimization for companies to bring better products to the market for environment-conscious consumers.

Pon de Joy on MainVest 2023

The mochi donuts have a unique bouncy texture and are light, moist, and fluffy. Pon de Joy already has three…

Security: Revenue Share
Min Investment: $100
Industry: Food, Beverage, & Restaurants
Raising up to $250,000 max

Venice Duck Brewery on NetCapital 2023

The craft brewery is located in Los Angeles, California, and distributes its beer through bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across…

Valuation: $5,700,000
Min Investment: $99
Industry: Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs
Raising up to $300,000 max

Sapphire Sky Boutique on SMBX 2023

Sapphire Sky Boutique sells products from brands like Funko and Loungefly and has a customer base of more than 30,000…

Security: Debt
Min Investment: $10
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
Raised $1,050 of $100,000 max

Doughp on Wefunder 2023

The business makes its cookie dough using heat-treated flour and without raw eggs, so it can be eaten raw and…

Valuation Cap: $15,000,000
Min Investment: $100
Industry: Food, Beverage, & Restaurants
Raised $368,591 of $618,000 max

Angel Studios: Sound of Freedom on Angel Funding 2023

The business focuses on content supported by crowdfunding and features titles, including Dry Bar Comedy, The Wingfeather Saga, Tuttle Twins,…

Security: Revenue Share
Min Investment: $1
Industry: Media, Entertainment & Publishing
Raised $3,132,098 of $5,000,000 max