KingsCrowd Opportunity

metaMedia on StartEngine 2022

metaMedia, valued at $48.8 million, is introducing blockchain into storytelling and teaching its users how to implement blockchain to change a graphic novel into a TV or film series.

Shepherd Park Children’s Academy on SMBX 2022

Shepherd Park Children’s Academy provides high-quality child care services in Washington, DC.

TraxMethod on SMBX 2022

TraxMethod provides strategic planning services that help organizations and individuals achieve success with its leadership training.

HUBHOUZE on Wefunder 2022

HUBHOUZE, valued at $2.5 million, has developed a SaaS and e-commerce platform with collections of bathroom designs segregated by style and budget.

fouRy on StartEngine 2022

fouRy, valued at $12.1 million, has developed the world’s best spray technology that creates its own propulsion and economizes on fluid or powder usage.

Asaak on Republic 2022

Asaak, valued at $50 million, is focused on unlocking financial services for Africans through asset-backed loans.

ThermaSat on NetCapital 2022

ThermaSat, valued at $10 million, has developed a propulsion system that uses phonic crystals and sunlight to heat water for satellite propulsion in space.

Owlytics Healthcare on SeedInvest 2022

The software of Owlytics Healthcare works with off-the-shelf wearables and turns them into healthcare-focused watches for the elderly. Owlytics Healthcare…

Valuation Cap: $28,000,000
Min Investment: $5,000
Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Raised $1,708,392 of $3,500,000 max
RegD 506(c)