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Flower Turbines on StartEngine

Honeybee Burger on StartEngine

The burgers of Honeybee Burger are making plant-based food accessible, desirable, and available everywhere. Adam Weiss founded Honeybee Burger in…

Valuation: $12,000,000
Min Investment: $240
Industry: Food, Beverage, & Restaurants
Raised $1,819,252 of $1,819,999 max

Petzbe on StartEngine

It is a pet social media app that connects pet owners to share their pets’ lives from the pets’ perspective.…

Valuation: $14,344,000
Min Investment: $196
Industry: Pet Health, Food, and Services
Raised $61,786 of $1,069,997 max

NoBaked Cookie Dough on StartEngine

The offerings include ten flavors of dairy-free and gluten-free cookie dough. Megan Feeman and Jimmy Feeman founded NoBaked Cookie Dough…

Valuation: $9,000,000
Min Investment: $250
Industry: Food, Beverage, & Restaurants
Raised $464,595 of $1,070,000 max

Naboso on StartEngine

The company has developed a proprietary textured material that aims to enhance movement. The material has been used to make…

Valuation: $9,880,000
Min Investment: $149
Industry: Consumer Products, Goods & Services
Raised $586,704 of $1,069,999 max

Waverly Labs on StartEngine

Andrew Ochoa and Sergio Delrio Diaz founded Waverly Labs in 2014 and have raised over $2.1 million in previous rounds…

Valuation: $40,000,000
Min Investment: $496
Industry: Media, Entertainment & Publishing
Raised $1,067,051 of $10,000,000 max

SkillSoniq on StartEngine

It is an online marketplace that uses AI to connect companies with freelancers at affordable rates. In today's gig economy,…

Valuation: $10,300,000
Min Investment: $149
Industry: Business Services, Software, & Applications
Raised $134,152 of $535,000 max

Thirty Three Threads on StartEngine

The collection of Thirty Three Threads is known for its style, design, and innovation. The three top brands of Thirty…

Valuation: $36,000,000
Min Investment: $250
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
Raised $716,747 of $1,070,000 max

iPill on StartEngine

The company is manufacturing a pill dispenser connected to a smartphone application. The dispenser helps to address and combat the…

Valuation: $7,500,000
Min Investment: $399
Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Raised $57,399 of $1,070,000 max