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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs - Funded

Acre Mezcal on StartEngine

mcSquares on StartEngine

The company brings people together for businesses, projects, and schoolwork by making whiteboarding better and more effective. The proprietary products…

Valuation: $16,901,033
Min Investment: $101
Industry: Consumer Products, Goods & Services
Raised $396,006 of $1,070,000 max

StartEngine on StartEngine

The company has formed a partnership with Kevin O’Leary, established a wholly-owned broker subsidiary, and gotten its alternative trading platform…

Security: Equity - Common
Min Investment: $515
Industry: Financial & Insurance Products & Services
Raised $8,162,603 of $20,000,000 max
Test the Waters

TmrO App on StartEngine

The app works well for creative individuals for getting faster bookings, instant payments, and more competitive rates than the competitors.…

Valuation: $30,000,000
Min Investment: $246
Industry: Business Services, Software, & Applications
Raised $80,475 of $1,069,998 max

Graze on StartEngine

The electric lawnmowers of Graze help reduce labor costs, operator injuries, and fuel costs. John Vlay founded Graze in 2017.…

Valuation: $23,000,000
Min Investment: $499
Industry: Farming & Agriculture
Raised $5,344,573 of $10,000,000 max

20/20 GeneSystems on StartEngine

It is a diagnostics company with a successful track record in cancer detection with its AI-powered multi-cancer blood test, OneTest.…

Valuation: $38,500,000
Min Investment: $502
Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Raised $2,903,017 of $14,700,000 max

Solar Roadways on StartEngine

The crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $1,070,000. Solar Roadways was founded by…

Valuation: $30,000,000
Min Investment: $296
Industry: Energy, Power, & Natural Resources
Raised $2,498,021 of $2,500,000 max

Epilog Imaging Systems on StartEngine

The technology finds use in queue management, remote inspection, and driver assistance. Michael and Lance Mojaver founded Epilog Imaging Systems…

Security: Equity - Common
Min Investment: $251
Industry: Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace
Raised $135,377 of $5,175,000 max
Test the Waters

COLORS Worldwide on StartEngine

It is also creating an online platform for growing the R&B music community. Jabari Johnson founded COLORS Worldwide in 2015.…

Valuation: $25,000,000
Min Investment: $250
Industry: Media, Entertainment & Publishing
Raised $265,017 of $1,070,000 max