Ceres Greens

Ceres Greens

Early Stage

Ceres Greens is a vertical farming company focused on supplying our customers with fresh local produce, year round.

Ceres Greens is a vertical farming company focused on supplying our customers with fresh local produce, year round.


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Barre, Vermont

Imagine a world where healthy food is available to everyone. A world where all people have access to fresh produce and crops.

Ceres Greens has imagined that world -- and they’re making it a reality. Ceres Greens is a vertical farming company focused on supplying customers with fresh, local produce, year-round. Vertical farming is the practice of growing produce in vertically stacked layers, where crops aren’t affected by weather, short growing seasons, freezes, climate change, drought, or pests. Ceres Greens’ crops are grown using 85% less water than outdoor or greenhouse farming, and they’re pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free. They can also be grown anywhere there’s an appropriate building. They use a proprietary Internet of Things control system to monitor and manage every aspect of the farm, maintaining the most optimum growing environment.

And so far, Ceres Greens has been able to supply their local Vermont market with 45,000 pounds of produce monthly. With their tried-and-tested plant “recipes,” they’ve figured out how to yield significant amounts, while still keeping their system capital and operational costs low enough to be profitable. Their goal is to keep expanding, and in August 2017, they leased a 12,500 square foot facility on a fourteen year term with $225,000 in landlord-provided facility fitup funds. The facility is scheduled to open in January 2018, and it will allow Ceres Greens to produce 1,600 pounds of produce monthly to start and scale up to 45,000 pounds monthly when fully built out. As they expand, they also aim to employ veterans, utilizing their leadership experience, values and, skills.

After all, the vertical farming industry is growing rapidly. It’s expected to hit $9.9 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.4%. With vertical farming, Ceres Greens wants to fulfill its mission of providing healthy harvests to help address environmental, political, and food scarcity issues. They’re joining the produce revolution, and with them, you can also help provide humanity with the food it so desperately needs -- and deserves.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
If you’re a farmer struggling with unpredictable crop challenges, a veteran looking for meaningful work, or an advocate for helping end world hunger, then Ceres Greens is worth your time and attention. With their vertical farming technology, they could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. They have the ability to help communities grow, health blossom...and hunger lessen.
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