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The bridge between radio and digital engagement

The bridge between radio and digital engagement


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Boulder, Colorado

Have you ever had this happen? You’re listening to the radio, and you hear an ad for a concert you want to go to. You make a mental note to get tickets. However, one thing leads to another, you forget to buy tickets, and the concert gets sold out. Damn!

That exact situation has happened to me (many times), and it’s also happened to Jeff Thramann, Founder and Board Director of Clip Interactive. Clip Interactive is here to help bring radio into the modern age and solve that “I forgot to buy the concert tickets!” dilemma. With over 270 million Americans tuning into one station or another, Jeff realized radio needed a digital boost. Considering the fact that he’s a serial entrepreneur with six exits and 50+ patents, he might know what he’s talking about.

With Clip Interactive, you can see what you hear on the radio. It provides a chronological digital feed of everything that happens on the station, so that you can go back and check it out. From listing the last five songs and commercials played, to showing the on-air promotions and contests offered, you can find it all. Plus, you can click on a song to download it or check out the commercial and buy the merchandise. You can also curate a feed based on topics you’re interested in. Clip is great for station owners and advertisers too, as they can generate brand engagement, leads, and conversions. It’s a one stop-click-shop!

Right now, Clip is targeting the top 3,000 major commercial stations and is under contract with about 1,000 of them. The currently have 1.3 million monthly active users, and their $1.1M 2016 revenue was double that of 2015. Fourteen prominent US broadcasting companies are already on the Clip Interactive platform, and by combining the $31B mobile advertising world with the $15B radio industry, Clip is creating a truly needed (and potentially lucrative) niche for itself. In fact - it might just be the new radio stop-click-go app we need in this digital life.

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