KingsCrowd Company Updates

Zeehaus Lacks a Clear Growth Strategy

Zeehaus, which makes homebuying more accessible through equity sharing, has not lived up to expectations and now faces a tough market.

Future Cardia Moves Closer to Potential Acquisition Status

Future Cardia has run into supply chain problems, but the medtech company is still in a good position to succeed.

Whooshh Innovations Takes a Hit From COVID

Whooshh Innovations has an innovative way to help fish navigate dams. But its valuation has become unfavorable for investors.

Cadi Tries a New Golf Strategy

In this update, we’ll check in on Cadi, which lets golfers buy equipment through its online marketplace and automated kiosks.

Canopy’s Future Hinges on Certification

Canopy, a company that designs reusable face coverings for frontline workers and consumers, has made fair progress since its last raise.

Boaz Bikes Rides Up the Revenue Hill

In this update, we’ll check in on Boaz Bikes, an electric scooter sharing startup that emphasizes rider safety and serving underserved communities.