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Produce a Horror Feature Film

Produce a Horror Feature Film


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Media, Entertainment & Publishing

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Brooklyn, New York

Monster suits. Suspense. Terrifying drama. This is the stuff good ol’ creature features are made of...but those types of horror movies seem to be long gone.

And now, Cryptid LLC is here to bring them back! They plan to produce an old-school creature feature called “Cryptid” to scare audiences with real, tangible effects -- none of that CGI fake stuff. Think “Jaws” meets “Zodiac,” with a little bit of mystery, a little bit of redemptive character action, and some good old creature carnage. The story will feature Max, a journalist who discovers that a series of grisly animal attacks in his small Maine town might not be what they first appear to be. With the help of his photographer partner, Harriet, he sets out to uncover the mystery behind the gruesome killings before it’s too late.

The plan is to have the film ready for sale at the American Film Market in November 2018, as well as show it at film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, and TriBeca. Cryptid’s short-term goal is to secure a minimum guarantee with a reputable distribution company, with the long-term goal of securing a revenue stream through digital distribution. After all, horror movies are thriving right now and have tripled their market share in the past three years. In fact, historically speaking, horror films are the most bankable films in terms of ROI. Out of the 20 most profitable movies of all time (based on ROI), ten of them have been horror!

And the team behind “Cryptid” certainly knows their horror, inside and out. The production company, 221 Films, Inc., is based out of Brooklyn, NY, and they’ve released a variety of festival shorts and two feature films, including “The Killing of Jacob Marr,” which won multiple awards, including Best Directed.

They believe in story over special effects, characters over stereotypes, and tension over gore...and they’re opening the door to anyone who wants to be an integral part of the magical filmmaking process. It’s time to be scared -- cryptid-ly -- and in true creature feature style.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
If you love horror flicks and would love to be involved in the making of a creepy and terrifying creature feature, then Cryptid is the investment for you. With their team of award-winning horror pros and their passion for the genre, this flick is sure to entertain you...and scare you to your cryptid core.
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