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Education - December 1, 2021

Analyst Report Methodology

Investing In Startups: Understanding How Exits Can Impact Your Investment Strategy

Startup investors should understand the different types of exits that exist and how they can provide returns on early investments.

Startup Investing Guide: How to Vet Online Startup Investment Opportunities

Learn how to thoroughly vet startup investment opportunities by understanding and examining five key metrics.

Five Debt Crowdfunding Platforms Investors Should Know

Investors have many debt crowdfunding platforms to choose from, and each brings its own unique set of strengths and offerings.

KingsCrowd Site Redesign Overview

On April 12th, KingsCrowd released an updated navigation experience. So we thought we’d walk you through the strategy and thinking behind the changes. 

How To Use the Portfolio Tool

KingsCrowd is happy to announce the launch of our new portfolio feature. Not only can you now follow companies you…

Crowdfunding and the Coronavirus

Our entire society is now at war with the coronavirus," Wefunder's CEO, Nick Tommarello, declared last week.  We are currently…

How Do Membership Interest Units Benefit Crowdfunding Investors?

The crowdfunding securities that companies offer for sale in early stage seed rounds are called membership units, and they are…

How Does Convertible Debt Work for an Equity Crowdfunded Startup?

Entrepreneurs can choose from a few basic structures when sourcing capital for a new business venture via equity crowdfunding –…