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The Value of Running A Regulation Crowdfunding Offering

Why Run a Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign?One of the most common questions I get from founders is “why run a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign vs. raise money through more conventional means?” My answer is basically twofold: Money and People.From a Money perspective, Regulation Crowdfunding allows you to raise more money, by tapping

Knight Post: Equity Crowdfunding 101

This piece is part of the KingsCrowd Knight Collection. Put simply, this is a crowd contribution. While we ensure it meets our general contributor guidelines we do not endorse this piece. Instead, we recognize that pieces like this add value to our investor community. If you have questions, be sure

3 Reasons Why Angel Investors Should Invest with Their Retirement Accounts

This guest post was originally featured on the Rocket Dollar blog. If interested in opening a self directed IRA with Rocket Dollar sign up here. Angel investors are often the lifeblood of early-stage and startup businesses. In addition to providing much-needed capital, angels also typically provide strategic insight, guidance and expertise

Regulation A+: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

This piece is a guest post originally published on StartEngine's blog.The road to El Dorado, the golden city of raised capital, isn’t easy, and the road to a successful Regulation A+ has its own unique challenges. If an entrepreneur’s goal is to raise $1.07M or less, the business may be better

How to Make Sure You Understand the Terms of an Equity Crowdfunding Round

Equity crowdfunding is a new concept. But that is changing. Equity crowdfunding as a source of growth-capital is becoming increasingly popular both among investors and entrepreneurs. It has quietly become a key method for founders to raise funds from a large number of small investors offering an avenue for small

Is Common Stock the Ideal Security-Type for Equity Crowdfunding?

Common Stock essentially represents ownership in a company. Investors receive common stock in exchange for their investment, and through the ownership of common shares, they become part owners of the company. The percentage of ownership stake is in proportion to the number of common shares owned and sometimes bring with

How Safe are SAFEs?

SAFE refers to a “Simple Agreement for Future Equity.” Under the agreement between the founders and investors, investors receive a future stake in the company if the triggering event takes place. The triggering event can be a future round of funding, or a merger or acquisition.SAFEs are another common security

Pros and Cons of Raising Crowdfunding through Convertible Notes

As with any business, early-stage companies have the option to either raise funds through equity or debt. While both the mechanisms have their own set of pros and cons, convertible notes offer a hybrid solution to match the needs of early-stage investing.In a way, they work as short-term loans to