KingsCrowd Podcasts

Ep. 47 – Doriot Founder Gerry Hays

Chris Lustrino talks to Doriot founder Gerry Hays about teaching people to invest in startups and a new way to become accredited.

Ep. 46 – ALAO Co-founders Peter Sweeney & Matt McGeagh

Chris Lustrino welcomes Peter Sweeney and Matt McGeagh to talk about founding a new equity crowdfunding platform, ALAO.

Ep. 45 – Harvey Multani of RUV Alliance

Chris Lustrino talks with RUV Alliance founder Harvey Multani about how RUV brings together accredited investors and startup founders.

Ep. 44 – Impact Investing with Lea Bouhelier-Gautreau

Chris Lustrino welcomes KingsCrowd's own Senior Investment Analyst Lea Bouhelier-Gautreau to discuss impact investing.

Ep. 43 – Jane West of Jane West

Chris Lustrino welcomes Jane West to discuss the evolving cannabis market and how her company is addressing the needs of modern consumers.

Ep. 42 – Leon Benrimon of StartEngine Collectibles

Chris Lustrino welcomes StartEngine Vice President of Assets Leon Benrimon to talk about collectible investing and how StartEngine fits in.

Ep. 41 – Aaron Burnett of Spaced Ventures

Chris Lustrino welcomes Spaced Ventures founder and CEO Aaron Burnett to talk about how investors can support the future of space.

Ep. 40 – Jesse Stein of Everyrealm

Chris Lustrino welcomes Everyrealm co-founder Jesse Stein to talk about investing in and creating the metaverse.