KingsCrowd Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis - May 26, 2021

Are the Valuations of Startups Increasing?

Startup Development Phases Q1 2020 vs 2021 – Chart of the Week

Examining the development phase of startups in Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 shows an increase in early stage startups seeking capital through crowdfunding.

Forge Deals for May 2021

In our ongoing coverage of secondary private markets, we look at some current Forge deals that accredited investors should know about.

How Many Founders Should a Startup Have?

Is there a connection between the number of founders and how much capital a company raises? This Chart of the Week answers that question.

2020 Capital Raised vs Accelerator Program Participation – Chart of the Week

This Chart of the Week examines how much funding in 2020 went to startups that participated in accelerator programs.

Total Capital Invested in March Across the Years – Chart of the Week

This Chart of the Week examines how the Regulation Crowdfunding increase in March 2021 had an immediate impact on the online private markets.

2020 Capital Raised by Business Type – Chart of the Week

This Chart of the Week examines which business type (life-style, growth, or high growth) saw the most funding in 2020.

Where to Find Regulation A+ Raises – Chart of the Week

KingsCrowd examines which platforms have the highest percentage of current Regulation A+ raises in this Chart of the Week.

Startup Trends: Plant-Based Foods and Meat Alternatives

Plant-based foods are a growing consumer trend across the globe. Startups are bringing many innovative ideas to this growing space.