KingsCrowd Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis - September 29, 2021

Investors Value Past Success

Equity Crowdfunding Shows More Growth Than Venture Capital

KingsCrowd compared the growth of investments in venture capital and equity crowdfunding -- and crowdfunding is winning.

Crowdfunders Are Getting a Better Deal Than VCs

Examining founder ownership shows a surprising advantage that retail investors are receiving over traditional venture capital.

The Value of a Defensible Hardware Product

In this Chart of the Week, the relationship between defensibility and funding is examined for hardware/CPG startups.

A Clear Difference Between Early Stage and Growth Stage

When comparing the average valuation of early stage and growth stage companies, a clear difference emerges.

Which Platforms Have the Most Successful Deals?

Find out which equity crowdfunding platforms had the highest number of successful rounds in this Chart of the Week.

How Much Is Defensibility Worth?

Many seasoned investors and venture capitalists point to competitive differentiators -- i.e., what makes a startup’s product better than competing…

The Impact of a Regulation Update

We examine the impact of the increased raise limit for Regulation Crowdfunding raises in this Chart of the Week.

How Long Do Crowdfunding Raises Last?

This Chart of the Week examines round duration in order to determine the most common length of time for raises to last.