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The Best Impact Investing Deals of August 2023

The top impact investing opportunities of August 2023 include smart cups, alternative meats, eco-packaging, and more.

Arkadiy Okhman: Steering Delivery Drivers to a Sustainable Future with Sunryde

Explore the visionary world of Arkadiy Okhman, CEO of Sunryde, as he dives deep into his mission to replace cars with e-bikes for a sustainable and cost-effective last-mile delivery solution.

Female Founder Representation in the Online Private Markets

An in-depth look at female founder funding trends, comparing equity crowdfunding with traditional ventures from 2022 to 2023.

Underrepresented Founder Deals Roundup: August 2023

Discover the latest deals involving underrepresented founders including women founders, founders of color, and LGBTQ+ founders in our August 2023 round up

Printing the Future: How Smart Cups is Changing the Beverage Industry

In this founder profile, Smart Cups founder and CEO Chris Kanik sheds light on the game-changing technology that's merging convenience with eco-consciousness in the beverage industry.

The Legion Blueprint: Ryan Bettencourt’s Approach to Software Growth

Explore the journey of Legion Works under CEO Ryan Bettencourt. Learn about their unique approach to software scaling, from centralized admin functions to focusing on exponential growth.

How AI impacts EdTech funding in 2023

Delve into the trends of EdTech funding from 2019 to 2023, exploring the impact of AI platforms like ChatGPT on the investor sentiment and the evolution of the equity crowdfunding market in the education sector.

Sowing the Seeds for the Future of Vertical Farming with Harvest Today

In this founder profile, we talk to Rick Langille, the founder and CEO of Harvest Today. From humble farming roots to innovating a sustainable model of vertical farming, learn how Rick and his team are transforming food production for a greener, healthier world.