Some say starting a business with a co-founder is like a marriage. Finding the right person to start a business with is important to ensure good synergy and efficient work. This week, we look at the age range of teams of two or more co-founders offering equity deals online.
  • Unsurprisingly, co-founders tend to pair up with founders who are very close in age; 12.82% of them even pair with co-founders who are the same age, likely met during their academic journey.
  • 17.49% of teams have a 15 years or more age range, indicating that they pair with teammates from another generation. While this can bring differences in terms of cultural references, expectations, and values, it could be a good mix of experience and grit for teams who know how to exploit their age gap.
  • The average age range between co-founders is 8 years, while the median range is 5 years. This is significantly higher than the average US marriage age gap of 2.3 years.