When I first looked at A Boring Life on MicroVentures I quickly wondered what would enable this natural food snack to stand out on the shelves in such a crowded space. 

What I quickly learned was that, A Boring Life is one of the first to market natural snack foods with hemp extract with CBD. It is also run by the Founders of Hip Chick Farms, which has become a major success in the poultry category.

I quickly realized that this is a newly emerging and exciting CBD snack company with a management team that has the chops to win in the CPG category. I sat down with Serafina Palandech, Co-Founder & CEO of A Boring Life and quickly realized what an outstanding founder and individual she is. 

Her passion for the space, ability to execute and build companies and her approach to entering the CBD snack category are all really impressive. She and her team are up to big things and we got the details below. 

Funding Round Details

A Boring Life logo
Company: A Boring Life
Security Type: Convertible Note
Valuation: $3,500,000
Min Investment: $100
Platform: Microventures
Deadline: Oct 14, 2019
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For those who don’t know, what is the genesis story of A Boring Life?

A Boring Life makes high quality chef-curated natural snack foods infused with hemp extract with CBD.  The company is the brainchild of Serafina Palandech and Jennifer Johnson, who previously founded Hip Chick Farms, an organic poultry frozen food company, started in 2013. 

Hip Chick products are distributed nationally and sold in grocery stores like Whole Foods, Safeway and Target. The duo is now focused on creating convenient, healthy snacks to support a more relaxed lifestyle by combining Omega-3 rich, high-protein nuts with the calming properties of hemp extract with CBD to meet consumer demand in the cannabis marketplace.

What kind of snack product is A Boring Life?

A Boring Life’s nuts are tasty snacks that provide an easy and convenient way to get a dose of protein and hemp extract with CBD. The current product line includes: Roasted Almonds with a Hint of Lavender, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Almonds, and Sweet and Spicy Walnuts. Almonds and walnuts are natural, feel good foods and the naturally occurring Omega-3’s may help ease depression. 

The company’s almonds and walnuts are grown in California on a family farm, and the company sources its other ingredients from multiple vendors in the U.S. to obtain the best quality and freshness. A Boring Life’s products are gluten-free, and vegetarian, keto, and paleo diet friendly. There is also a sugar free option. Each pack of nuts provides one serving and fits easily in a purse or gym bag. All of A Boring Life’s products are lab tested to help ensure the trust, reliability, and quality of its ingredients.

What would you describe as your strongest differentiator from competition?

We believe our products are differentiated in the marketplace as one of the few CBD edible companies that offer an all natural food product without sugar – our Roasted Almonds with Lavender. Our products are high in protein and Omega 3.s, which studies suggest aid in CBD absorption

Additionally, our team has previously started and scaled two natural food brands. We emphasize an authentic and trustworthy voice in a new and emerging category which resonates with our consumer.

We have deep connections and relationships with brokers, buyers and distributors which helps to drive sales. Finally, our products are made by our own Chef Jen Johnson who previously cooked for Chez Paniess, the Getty Family and even President Obama.

What early feedback/reviews have you received from customers thus far?

A Boring Life’s products are currently sold into 75 grocery stores and online. Our fans report that they love the unique taste and calming influence of CBD. We use data extensively to track our consumers habits and market research to understand her perspective. 

Who is your core customer and what does that consumer look like?

Meet Jessica, our core customer.  

  • Well Educated
  • Families, Kids <12
  • More Likely Working 
  • High HH Income
  • Shop Across Outlets: More Natural
  • Food Budget: $217/Week
  • Looking for Healthy AND Delicious Food 
  • Purchases Across Natural  & Organic Brands 
  • Shops for wellness
  • Creates strong relationship with trusted brands
  • Reads ingredient statements

We have multiple channels of distribution to reach our customer: natural and conventional grocery, convenience stores, and specialty stores; online via and Amazon.

How do you plan on allocating funds raised in this round to scale the business?

A Boring Life has created a distribution business model to help expansion efforts. The funds raised will be used to increase distribution throughout the U.S., drive sales and marketing, build brand identity, and introduce a new line of pet products.

If A Boring Life raises the minimum amount of $25,000, it plans to use the proceeds primarily for the following:

  • Campaign marketing (10%)
  • General marketing (10%)
  • Manufacturing (60%)
  • Future wages (20%)

If A Boring Life raises the maximum amount of $107,000, it plans to use the proceeds primarily for the following:

  • Campaign marketing expenses (4.7%)
  • General marketing (15.9%)
  • Research and development (9.4%)
  • Manufacturing (37.4%)
  • Future wages (14%)
  • General working capital (18.7%)

Product Roadmap

The company intends to focus on the following milestones:

  • Achieving 50% gross margin on all products
  • Launching into 500 stores
  • Building brand awareness through social media, public relations, and marketing efforts
  • Introduce new product offerings for pets such as Boring Bones Gummies for Dogs

Can you talk more about your development of pet products and how you plan to further expand your product line?

We will be introducing two pet products with CBD by October. Our Chef will continue to innovate by creating new products.  

What are some of the health benefits of regular CBD consumption? Why do individuals seek out CBD-infused food?

Studies have shown that hemp and CBD can help folks feel better in multiple ways from assisting with pain management, anxiety relief and depression.  Folks are looking for a way to feel better – in fact, 30% of Americans will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder over the course of their lives. Hemp provides a natural solution.  

What do you foresee for the future of the hemp industry and why is this the right time to enter the market?

Hemp and CBD is projected to be a huge market in the coming years. We want to be established as a trusted and authentic voice and brand in the space to meet this consumer demand.  I hope that the industry moves to whole plant utilization and look forward to innovating the catogory with food and pet products.

How do hemp/CBD regulations vary from laws regarding recreational cannabis use? Has legalization been a concern throughout your expansion process?

We are very concerned about the FDA issuing regulations for food and CBD. In order to stay compliant, we follow good manufacturing processes, as well as work with an FDA consultant and attorney.  We look forward to meeting and exceeding those regulations once issued.

As you think about the business 3 to 5 years down the road what do you see exit opportunities looking like?

I anticipate revenues of $25M within 5 years, with an anticipated acquisition by a larger CPG company.

A Boring Life snack company was founded in Boring, Oregon and has exciting aspirations of building something really unique in the CPG category. While it is extremely early days, this team and product has the opportunity to become a market leader in a brand new snack category. 

Stay tuned for further coverage of this organization.