As of September 22nd, Skin Allies has raised $5.6K of the current round.

Recently KingsCrowd sat down with Nu Dao, the Founder, and CEO of Skin Allies. Skin Allies’ company name pretty much says it all — in a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of everything we eat, breathe, and put in our skin we need someone in our corner.

By offering an on-demand “Dermatologist without the waiting room” anyone can get a skin evaluation and unbiased, non-sponsored product recommendations tailored to your specific needs by a world-class skincare professional.

Funding Round Details

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Company: Skin Allies
Security Type: SAFE
Valuation: $8,000,000
Min Investment: $50
Platform: Republic
Deadline: Dec 31, 2018
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Read the interview below:

Nu, thanks for taking the time to speak with KingsCrowd. Can you provide us with a bit of background on yourself and how you decided to start Skin Allies - a “stitchfix for your skin”?

I ran product teams in eComm and new retail venture-backed startups for 8 years in San Francisco. I come into this with deep tech roots and a heavy focus on consumer experiences.

My own personal experiences with skin issues through my mid and late 20s left me feeling confused and dejected, not to mention it was incredibly costly. The average dermatologist visit will run you $500 – $1K, and most insurance plans don’t cover it.

It was a constant trial and error process. I set out to create a new set of clinical standards for OTC skincare. We’re in the information age, which means people are self-diagnosing far more than they used to. The industry itself is not heavily regulated by the FDA, so consumers are relying on misinformation (thanks internet!) to self diagnose. I believe skincare is actually a healthcare product, not a cosmetic product. We’re treating the largest organ and our body’s alarm system. It shouldn’t be a science experiment, and it should be affordable for long term sustainable care.

We effort to bring clinical standards and clarity to an industry that’s full of clutter. Our mission is to become the top trusted skincare resource across the globe.

For those that may not know, how would you describe Skin Allies to the layman?

We leverage dermatologists and their medical expertise to custom tailor skincare regimens. Clinical standards for everyone, without the price tag.

What other similar products currently exist in the marketplace? How do you stand out?

As far as we know there’s nothing quite like us on the market today. There are plenty of specialty beauty retailers, but none that leverage experts the way we do and offer the personalized telemedicine service.

What is the price point of your service, and what types of margins do you see at that price point?

Our regimens are $59 for the full dermatologist evaluation & consult + 14 day trial regimen of 6-8 products. This would cost $350 – $500 at retail. Investors will be happy to learn that our gross profit is approximately 70% on the starter regiments.

What does your typical customer look like?

Someone in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, in urban metros like New York, Austin, California. Busy working professionals with a lack of time to either 1) do the research necessary to find the right products that will drive results for the skin or 2) go see a dermatologist to get personalized recommendations.

What do you mean when you say Skin Allies is a “... 3 sided marketplace”?

First, there are consumers. Then, Dermatologists. Last, of course, there are skincare brands.

Any early successes of note?

We competed with 4 other Republic startups at Jason Calacanis’ Launch Festival and won 1st place. Already we are working with a roster of 70 vetted brands and manage a network of the top dermatologists across the country. Last, but certainly not least, we’re growing at 20% month over month. Our conversion from starter regimens to full size is 60%, with AOV in the $200 range.

Skin Allies is innovating to solve a common problem that demands a solution.

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