Kingscrowd's Founders

Kountable Co-Founder Catherine Nomura on Leveraging Networks

KingsCrowd interviewed Kountable co-founder and President Catherine Nomura to learn about the company’s focus on trade networks.

Localvore Founder Dan White on the Value of Local Food

KingsCrowd spoke with Localvore founder Dan White on his mission to connect consumers with local food for the good of the community.

Ember Fund Founder Alex Wang Discusses the Crypto Bear Market

KingsCrowd spoke with Ember Fund co-founder Alex Wang to learn why he views today's crypto bear market as an opportunity for growth.

BioLight Founder Michael Belkowski on the Benefits of Red Light Therapy

KingsCrowd sat down with BioLight founder Michael Belkowski to learn how his company is creating an effective light therapy treatment.

GreenChoice Founder Galen Karlan-Mason Discusses Transparency in Groceries

KingsCrowd spoke with GreenChoice founder Galen Karlan-Mason to learn about how his company is making grocery shopping easier and greener.

Rainshine Global Founder Neeraj Bhargava on Creating Media 3.0

KingsCrowd spoke with Rainshine Global co-founder Neeraj Bhargava about how his team is creating Media 3.0.

Trella Technologies Founder Aja Atwood on Solving Food Insecurity

KingsCrowd interviewed Trella Technologies founder Aja Atwood to learn how her company is tackling food insecurity through vertical farming.

Neighborhood Sun Founder Gary Skulnik on Bringing Solar Energy to Underserved Communities

KingsCrowd interviewed Neighborhood Sun founder Gary Skulnik to learn how his company is expanding access to solar power.