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Breakthrough ADHD supplement for kids backed by 20+ independent clinical studies.

Breakthrough ADHD supplement for kids backed by 20+ independent clinical studies.


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Cupertino, California

ADHD is becoming more and more of a prevalent issue in our society...yet the only solutions out there seem to be medication or complicated supplement combinations. How is there not a better treatment out there?

Well now there is...with FreshMynd! FreshMynd is a breakthrough natural supplement solution for ADHD to avoid or reduce the use of prescription medication. It’s the only supplement that exists to include all 12 ingredients that significantly reduce the symptoms of ADHD as shown in over 20 independent, clinical studies. The supplement is called True Clarity, and it consists of just four chewables and a spoonful of sweet omegas that comes in three tasty (and kid approved!) flavors. Plus, it’s shelf-stable, easy to take on the go, and successfully tested by parent and kid panels alike!

FreshMynd has already established a manufacturing partner in the US that is GMP-certified and NSF-approved. The global ADHD therapeutics market is $14 billion and growing 6.2% a year, and ADHD affects 11% of school-age children, or one in every five high school boys. Many of those children currently take medication to help with their ADHD, but side effects can include sleeplessness, loss of appetite, depression, and anxiety. With FreshMynd, those kids can avoid -- or even reduce -- those side effects all together.

Moving forward, FreshMynd plans to immediately implement a multi-channel distribution strategy targeting both B2C and B2B channels, and they will sell supplements in monthly packages or subscription plans via their website, retail online, and their brick and mortar partners. They target 50% gross profit margins, and predict breaking even in their first year by capturing approximately 5,300 monthly subscriptions in 2018.

Add in the fact that co-founders Seema Lindskog and Devesh Sharma have deep e-commerce and retail experience, as well as have successfully executed several global product launches, and you see that FreshMynd might be the missing piece to help kids with ADHD not just live up to their full potential...but be able to soar beyond it.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
Do you have a child with ADHD? Are you tired of relying on medicines with negative side effects, or confusing supplement combinations, to help manage their symptoms? If yes, then FreshMynd might be the investment for you. Their tasty, natural supplement solution is simple to take and approved by kids and parents alike! Plus, it’s the only supplement out there that includes all 12 ingredients proven in clinical studies to reduce ADHD symptoms. This investment can help kids put forth their freshest mynds....while also benefiting your bank account.
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