Funding Report for Week Ending 12/2/2018

Crowdfunding Commitments Hits for December!


Total Net Investment since Last Week: $1,144,923

Platforms Wefunder and StartEngine accounts for 64% of all commitments last week.

Here’s how the platforms did:

Platform $’s Last Week
Wefunder $416,602
StartEngine $313,659
NextSeed $161,700
SeedInvest $107,492
Microventures $44,646
Fundanna $42,800
Republic $30,534
NetCapital $13,190
TruCrowd $10,750
GrowthFountain $2,000
WunderFund $1,550

Leading the way on Company funding last week:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $107,000 The Waffle Bus Permanent brick-and-mortar restaurant of one of Houston’s longest running and Zagat-rated food trucks. NextSeed $107,000
2 $88,044 Circle Medical Artificial intelligence assisted medical care. Wefunder $615,149
3 $77,250 Extreme Sandbox Roaring through the biggest adventure on your bucket list Wefunder $157,081
4 $55,100 Fair Isle Brewing A brewery in Seattle focused entirely on the growing segment of farmhouse and wild beer. NextSeed $329,400
5 $50,311 Phenomix Sciences Mayo Clinic startup personalizing weight loss. Wefunder $50,311
6 $44,292 Atlis Motor Vehicles The electric pickup truck with no compromises. StartEngine $722,867
7 $43,437 Blue Bite IoT platform that transforms physical products into an interactive content channel to engage customers. SeedInvest $101,335
8 $42,800 Transatlantic Real Estate Real Estate Investment In Cannabis Fundanna $719,800
9 $42,469 Hacker Noon The Premier Independent Tech Publication. StartEngine $676,381
10 $31,600 Epec Holdings James F.C. Hyde Sorgho Whiskey StartEngine $184,400

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