Funding Report for Week Ending 6/29/2024

RegCF Crowdfunding Commitments Hits $27M for June!

Total Net Investment since Last Week: $8,273,668
Platforms Issuance Express, Dealmaker Securities, Wefunder and StartEngine accounts for 69% of all commitments last week.

Here is the amount of capital raised on each Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) platform over the past week:

Platform Amount Raised Last Week
Issuance Express $1,928,733
Dealmaker Securities $1,405,679
Wefunder $1,398,941
StartEngine $989,471
Angel Funding $715,865
Honeycomb $630,721
Netcapital $330,781
Dalmore Group $216,200
PicMii $156,498
EquityVest $104,458
Republic $101,514
Microventures $67,500
GigaStar $40,007
CrowdFund My Deal $40,000
SMBX $34,320
ChainRaise $34,000
Equifund $21,806
Silicon Prairie Online $17,000
Seed At The Table $16,500
Common Owner $10,000
Akemona $4,475
CrowdFund Mainstreet $4,450
Small Change $2,000
Rise Up $1,300
Crowdsurf $1,300
Untold $100
Oversubscribe Portal $50

In terms of companies, the top 10 Reg CF raises in terms of dollars raised over the past week are:

Rank Raised Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $1,810,388 Aptera Motors The world’s first Never Charge solar vehicle! Issuance Express $3,215,750
2 $742,257 Aura Health (previously Aura) The world’s ecosystem for mental wellness content, community, and services Dealmaker Securities $1,242,859
3 $715,865 Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot A powerful true story Angel Funding $3,176,063
4 $502,838 Eli Electric Vehicles Future of Urban Mobility Dealmaker Securities $1,166,995
5 $302,611 Heroic Public Benefit Corporation We’re creating a social platform that trains heroes Wefunder $302,611
6 $292,475 Our Bond Using AI to democratize personal security Wefunder $292,475
7 $221,135 EmotionTrac Measures audience emotion and engagement with video content Netcapital $427,745
8 $104,500 Plainview Beef We Keep Everything In PLAINVIEW EquityVest $105,000
9 $98,557 Arrive Smart, Secure, Seamless Delivery and Pickup for People, Robots, and Drones PicMii $1,746,313
10 $90,391 Baron Von Opperbean and the River of Time Unique adventure experience in the heart of Memphis Wefunder $90,391
  • Arrive
  • $1,746,313
  • Smart, Secure, Seamless Delivery and Pickup for People, Robots, and Drones
  • PicMii

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