Funding Report for the Week Ending 12/31/2017

Just Over 1 Million Dollars Committed for the Holiday Week Ending 12/31/2017


Total Net Commitments: $1,054,330

Total Monthly Commitments: $7,882,454

Start Engine led the way with 31% of all commitments for the week.

Platform $’s Last Week
StartEngine $327,924
Republic $270,295
Wefunder $251,339
NextSeed $138,700
Microventures $33,005
SeedInvest $26,759
TruCrowd $5,100
NetCapital $1,208

Leading the pack on the Company front:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $193,130 RMR Laboratories Injection-like delivery of cannabis through your skin with a cream Republic $809,007
2 $93,626 Jinglz Mobile Ad Tech Solutions Company StartEngine $463,984
3 $80,700 Buffbrew Taproom It is our mission to create beers that not only honor the pioneering history of Texas, but celebrate the adventurous spirit of a city built on outlaws and invention. NextSeed $566,400
4 $42,025 Digitally Imported Electronic music streaming service with a human touch Wefunder $455,121
5 $36,450 Zen Blockchain-powered Video Network StartEngine $99,000
6 $35,750 LPPFusion Cheap, safe, and clean energy generator: the power of the sun recreated on Earth Wefunder $455,875
7 $34,500 Daplie Daplie provides a platform for people to have the convenience of the cloud without giving up privacy and ownership of their data. Wefunder $295,965
8 $31,175 Pearachute Drop into the best kids’ activities in your city Republic $72,355
9 $30,000 MUMU Hot Pot A New fast casual hot pot concept flexibly caters to both solo diners and group dining. NextSeed $30,000
10 $25,623 Ipsento Sourcing, roasting, and serving fantastic coffee with class. Wefunder $30,726

It should be noted that these numbers are estimates based on data which is reported by the platforms. Although these numbers do not include Reg A+ deals, they do include Reg CF/Reg D side-by-side deals offered to both accredited and non-accredited investors. At this time, we are unable to ascertain the commitments specific to non-accredited investors.

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