Funding Report - Week Ending October 23, 2017 - KingsCrowd

Funding Report – Week Ending October 23, 2017

Over 1.26 Million Dollars Committed for the Week Ending 10/22/2017


• New Investors this week: 2,310
• Average Investment Size: $548
• Total Net Investment: $1,266,000

Microventures and Wefunder accounted for 70% of the commitments this week with raises of $576K and 311K respectively. StartEngine, who led the pack the previous week was in fourth place this week with $97K.

Leading the pack on the Company front,

Arbit, a platform to give athletes, celebrities, and brands instantaneous answers to any question they may have via side-by-side picture polling, reached their round maximum of $425K on the Microventures Platform.

20/20 GeneSystems, with a mission to reduce cancer deaths in the U.S. and around the world through early detection“) increased their investor commitment on the Microventure Platform by over $115,000 this week