Reinventing coaching for the modern workforce.

Reinventing coaching for the modern workforce.


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Brooklyn, New York

That feeling when you just don’t want to go to work - it’s the worst. Maybe you feel uninterested, maybe unmotivated, or maybe just totally unengaged. Staying in bed sounds way better than heading to your desk. Unfortunately, 87% of the population identifies as feeling that way, and that feeling of disengagement ultimately costs companies and industries $550 billion annually. Yikes!

Goalspriing is here to change all that. Goalspriing is a modern day coaching platform and program that wants to reinvent coaching by making it accessible for everyone. Usually the only people in a company that receive coaching are executives or high-performers because of how costly the services are. However, with Goalspriing, that can change. Designed to promote engagement and help companies and people reach their full potential (at an affordable rate), Goalspriing enhances employees’ goal achievement, resilience and engagement, while encouraging people to deepen their connections to themselves, others, and their company.

Companies receive custom programs based on their culture and strategic objectives. Programs are evidence-based and tailored to employees at all levels. Goalspriing then provides a branded site, where employees are matched with university-certified coaches and can share their goals. This online platform also provides the space for employees to schedule their coaching sessions, which they can complete anytime, anywhere.

Goalspriing has confirmed time and time again that this type of one-on-one coaching truly fosters higher levels of value congruence with the organization, as well as helps employees feel supported by, and invested in, their company. This then leads to higher levels of employee engagement and motivation. The more the employees feel this way, the more the company benefits. It’s a win-win.

With customers including Warby Parker, Kickstarter, and Flatiron Health, and the fact that Goalspriing’s founder is a serial entrepreneur with a background in employee benefits, it seems clear that Goalspriing is truly ready to spring into action to be the next big name in effective, affordable, and accessible coaching. They just might be the future when it comes to helping you enjoy your job again - and that’s something we can all agree is a worthy goal.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offering:”
Are you an employer looking to build engagement in your employees? Are you looking to foster a supportive environment where your team feels set up to succeed? Or are you an employee looking to boost your own motivation? Well then, Goalspriing might just be the coaching solution you’ve been waiting for. Affordable and accessible, an investment in Goalspriing could help you and your employees’ achievements rise….while your investment continues to grow.

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