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Our full-featured service uses a unique smart garment with built-in sensors and electrodes to diagnose heart activity.

Our full-featured service uses a unique smart garment with built-in sensors and electrodes to diagnose heart activity.


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Miami, Florida

The beat goes on, the beat goes on/Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain/La de da de de…

Sonny and Cher almost had it right...but it’s more like hearts pounding a rhythm to the brain. Literally. To, you know, keep us healthy. And alive.

And HeartIn is here to help with your heart’s health. HeartIn uses a smart garment with built-in sensors and electrodes to diagnose heart activity. The data is then sent to your HeartIn app, and it includes everything from heart rate abnormality tracking, to in-workout heart rate analysis, to aerobic load tracking. HeartIn can be used by anyone - high-level athletes, everyday Joe Schmos, or patients with cardiovascular disease. And (most importantly), it looks good. It comes in both a T-shirt and sports bra, and both garments are sleek. Downright stylish, in fact.

HeartIn is not your momma’s fitbit or your sister’s sport watch either. It gives you deep and accurate info on the level you could once only get at the doctor’s or as a professional athlete. With 790,000 heart attacks and 807,775 heart disease related deaths per year in the US, and cardiovascular disease costing up to $317 billion annually, there’s a definite market for it. It’s clear there are plenty of people out there who need some heart help.

HeartIn’s co-founders, Alex Vinogradov and Dmytro Fedkov, certainly have a strong pulse going so far. HeartIn already has a successful, working prototype, more than $20,000 in pre-orders, and received the Publicis90 award. Add in Alex’s startup experience and Dmytro’s background as an M.D. and Ph.D in cardiology and rheumatology, and you realize they’ve figured out how to keep HeartIn’s heartbeat going strong.

HeartIn can help hearts everywhere find their beat and keep it going strong, too. This might be the type of investment you want to put your money where your heart is, because with a healthy heart, the beat does - and will continue - to go on (and, hopefully, on and on and on…).
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