We are excited to announce a new dimension to KingsCrowd’s strategic partnership with Backstage Capital. As many of you know, Backstage is a pioneer in venture capital (VC) and one of the first funds to really focus on paving a path for funding underrepresented founders. Incredibly, Backstage has already invested in more than 200 startups and created an entire movement of lifting up new fund managers that are changing the face of venture for the better. 

This partnership aligns perfectly with KingsCrowd’s mission to empower all investors to make informed, data-driven investment decisions. This is a truly momentous event. From day one, we have committed to evolving forward the online private capital markets. Teaming up with Backstage Capital — a world-class VC firm in its own right — to converge the offline and online world of venture capital into one solution is a huge moment for the industry and not one to be taken lightly. 

Today, we’re proud to reveal our new collaboration with Backstage Capital. Backstage recently launched its Flex Fund II — a $3 million fund that will bring new startups into the Backstage portfolio. And moving forward, Backstage will utilize KingsCrowd data and ratings to identify high quality deals in the online private market that can be added to its portfolio. Better yet, we are making this collaborative fund accessible to our own investor base.

Flex Fund II Details:

    • $3 million fund
    • One-time 5% management fee, 25% carry
    • Building a portfolio of around 30 early stage startups
    • Investing $100,000 in angel rounds, friends and family rounds, and pre-seed rounds
    • Includes several high-growth portfolio companies already 

Backstage Capital will consider both online and offline deals for its Flex Fund II. For online deals, KingsCrowd will help identify overlooked startups that show promise. We know that our startup rating algorithm can outperform the broader market. And we’re proud to put it to use for underrepresented founders.

If you are an accredited investor, we are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to invest in Flex Fund II. Any investors who join today will receive benefits as if they had been there from day one. 

Interested investors can use this link to reach out to KingsCrowd Chief Investment Officer Ahmad Takatkah and a representative of Backstage Capital to learn more. 

And if you would like to invest directly, you can do so here.

We are so excited to add a second fund product to our growing line of KingsCrowd Capital one-click diversification products. We appreciate your continued support.