At KingsCrowd, we want to be part of the democratization of startup investing. We also want to do what we can to uplift underrepresented founders. To those goals, we have put together all the active Top Deals, Deals to Watch, and Founder profiles from June and July 2020 that feature traditionally underrepresented founders. 


Top Deals


Kangaroo is manufacturing affordable home security hardware that connects to users’ mobile devices for a convenient, cost-effective security solution. The company’s products differ from other smart home security systems by having affordable hardware and subscription plans as well as user-focused privacy settings. 


At its core, goDeskless enables remote workers (such as repair servicepeople) to be contacted directly by customers-in-need, eliminating the need for a customer service agent/representative. The company also offers other cloud-based services for businesses to utilize, such as data analytics and authentication. 


Deals to Watch


MentalHappy is creating an online community to promote mental health and wellbeing free of stigma or judgement. Users can participate in peer groups, access self-guided tutorials, and connect with licensed medical professionals through the company’s platform.

Adventure 2 Learning

Adventure 2 Learning (A2L) is a large library of educational video content intended for classrooms. The videos cover traditional school subjects like language arts and math as well as more modern topics like financial literacy and mindfulness. 


Airgility is making modular, autonomous drones that safely fly without human control through the use of AI and machine learning. The drones can be used for search and rescue, monitoring the nation’s borders, delivering medical supplies, and more. 

People FirstRH

People First RH has created a software platform to enable better conflict resolution in workplaces. The company is focused on providing a streamlined solution for employees to report discrimination, harassment, and other negative incidents to management. The platform also enables employers to resolve conflicts quickly and with empathy toward the victim. 


Snailz has created an app that allows consumers to book appointments at partnering nail salons. The app also enables in-app payment transactions as well as customer reviews and photos. The salons benefit from easily organized appointments and customer data received with every visit.


misterb&b has created an app that lets people browse listings and pick a place to stay, secure in the explicit promise that misterb&b hosts are welcoming to LGBTQ guests (which is not currently provided by Airbnb). Additionally, misterb&b also partners with hotels around the world and allows users to access extensive travel content catered to the LGBTQ travel experience. 

Oscilla Power

Oscilla Power is making wave-generated energy an accessible reality through their technology. Their Triton-C device will be deployed at the Kaneohe Marine Corps base in the first quarter next year. The company also has plans to expand operations into India by 2023. 


Dollaride wants to solve the issue of transit deserts by allowing dollar van drivers to sign up as transportation providers through their app. Users can then download the app, submit a request to be picked up, and hop on the van when it comes their way. This model enables transportation in neighborhoods where public transportation is scarce and services like Uber or Lyft are too expensive to use on a daily basis. 


Pawlytics is creating the first database storing electronic health records (EHRs) for pets everywhere. The Pawlytics software suite will help animal shelters, veterinary clinics, pet insurance providers, and pet retailers access comprehensive data about every pet. 


Founder Profiles


Glyph utilizes digital knitting technology to make a versatile and comfortable loafer that easily switches from business to weekend. We got together with founder Pranav Sachdev to talk about how minimalism inspires him, what investors should know about Glyph, and where the company is headed. Glyph is raising


ecoText wants to disrupt digital textbook subscriptions by partnering with educational institutions to offer affordable subscriptions to students. We spoke with founders Joel Nkounkou (CEO) and Nelson Thomas (CMO) about their vision for academic equity, what separates them from the competition, and where ecoText is headed.


Coterie Party is looking to disrupt the massive party supply industry by becoming the online go-to for finding stylish supplies that can be delivered straight to your door. We sat down with founders Sara Raffa and Linden Ellis to talk about how the two met and how ready the party supply industry is for disruption.


Matthieu Jost has experienced discrimination directly while traveling abroad. That experience inspired him to found misterb&b, which enables LGBTQ+ people to travel safely and securely. We talked to Matthieu about his vision for a global LGBTQ+ community of travelers and how misterb&b is making that vision a reality.


Apotheka used Blockchain and AI to create a secure SaaS platform for electronic medical health records. We discussed with founder Dennis Maliani how better health tech security elevates the patient experience and his vision for the industry.

Savannah Sauce Company

Savannah Sauce Company makes sauces of all kinds, from hot sauce to marinades to relish. This Georgia-based startup is dedicated to doing more than just running a business though. We spoke to founder Michael Roberson about what he calls “the sweet spot” where profits meet philanthropy and what investors should know about Savannah Sauce Company.