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Helping friends find jobs fast

Helping friends find jobs fast


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San Francisco, California

Looking for a new job is often frustrating, time-consuming, and disheartening. If only it was as easy as...I don’t know…. tagging someone on social media. Just imagine if you and your friends could find a job, or fill a job, as easily as you tag each other on Facebook.

Well, HireClub has imagined that -- and created it to be a reality. HireClub is a website and community where friends help friends find jobs. On HireClub, anyone can post a job for free, and then friends refer each other by tagging and vouching for them. It’s like an Instagram tag and job referral all rolled into one. Companies trust referrals more since they know they lead to the highest quality candidates, so they like what HireClub is offering. Job seekers, on the other hand, can expand their referral network and access HireClub’s network of 6.4 million (and growing). It’s a win for everyone.

Indeed, HireClub is quickly becoming the club everyone wants to join. They currently have 19,000 members, more than 160 jobs posted each month from over 2,000 companies (including Facebook, Apple, and Google), and a waitlist of 1,800. In addition to widening the job web, HireClub also provides the ability to talk directly with a hiring manager. Within 15 minutes of a job being posted, interviews can be set up on HireClub. Talk about quick turnaround!

The bottom line is that HireClub is changing the hiring game. Companies currently spend thousands of dollars on traditional job boards, but only 15% of hires are actually made through them. Recruiting is a $416 billion market worldwide, and $124 billion of it is in the US alone. Yet with an industry that size, HireClub is really the only job networking site of its kind. Competitors like LinkedIn and Indeed offer some of what HireClub does -- but not everything.

HireClub makes finding a job fast, friendly, and -- most importantly -- effective. Join the club, and invest in the future of what hiring will look like. Imagine the opportunities that might come your way.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offering:”
If you’ve experienced the frustrations of job hunting, are currently looking for a job, or need a new way to find qualified employees, HireClub is the club you’ve been looking to invest in. They’re changing the hiring game and opening a whole new world of possibility. Investing in HireClub is like investing in a network of friends. And, by helping out those friends, think about how you’re helping create a job community and paying it forward….all while helping your investment earn a great payout.
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