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Find, Hire and Pay Handymen

Find, Hire and Pay Handymen


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Boulder, Colorado

Finding a home repair person can be tough. Between trustworthiness, worried about finding the best deal, or concerned about the quality of work, it’s anything but easy.

Until HireJoe, that is! HireJoe is an app that makes home repair simple. In fact, you can start a project in one minute with them. In the app, just upload photos and a description of your project; access a list of local, verified handymen and women; pick the person you want to quickly receive estimates; and then hire your handyperson! The app also allows you to track costs, pay your home pro, and post project reviews. It’s the one-stop-handyman-shop!

HireJoe also never charges annual or lead fees or gives computer generated estimates. They provide a satisfaction guarantee, and you only pay when the work is done right. Plus, HireJoe handymen all bill the same rates per project, and they only invoice you through the app. This helps keep all services transparent, open, and effective. HireJoe takes a 15% service fee, which is already factored into the total labor cost, and the handyman keeps 85% of the work when it’s well done.

So far, the app has been proven to be 95% accurate in providing remote estimates, and based on their 2016 quarter, HireJoe has a $220,000 run rate. They also have over 125 registered homeowners, over 1,000 completed projects, and a 70% approval rate. After all, the home maintenance industry is growing. In the past five years, revenue grew at an annualized 2.8% to $2.5 billion; in 2012, demand for handyman service franchises jumped 6.6%; and project revenue is estimated to grow to $2.8 billion through 2021. Plus, with the increase in SMART homes, HireJoe has future plans to be able to directly interface with those homes, automatically notifying repair technicians of projects that need attention.

Right now, HireJoe is only located in Colorado, and they’re hoping this campaign will help them go nationwide. They don’t want people to worry about home repair. Instead, they want you to use HireJoe to hire fast -- and rest easy.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
Are you a home repair person looking to gain quick and easy access to customers (and earn more with the great work you do)? Or are you a person looking for a handyman to help with some home projects? If either of these sound like you, consider investing in HireJoe for your handyman hiring needs. Their easy-to-use app keeps all services transparent, open, and effective, which means you can get your home repair job done well, simply….and, most importantly, stress-free.
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