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Home61 is a tech company dedicated making the home-buying experience easy and enjoyable.

Home61 is a tech company dedicated making the home-buying experience easy and enjoyable.


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Real Estate & Construction

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Miami, Florida

Playing house as a kid was fun. Buying a house when you’re an adult is not. From thinking your real estate agent is ripping you off to feeling like you didn’t get the best deal, it’s not a process anyone enjoys (well, except maybe the real estate agent getting their commission payout).

Enter Home61. This startup aims to reinvent the home buying experience in a way that generates value for everyone -- not just the real estate agent. By using technology along with highly qualified agents who care about their clients, Home61 wants to bring transparency, excitement, and simplicity to the real estate and house buying processes. Home61 provides all the data on homes for sale in one easy-to-use platform, where users can easily schedule viewings, access notes and analytics, and engage in a streamlined contractual process for buyers and sellers.

Home61’s technology allows agents to focus more of their time directly on serving their customers -- and the proof seems to be in the (house) pudding. Home61 agents close eight times more than the market and have grown their sales from $24M to $44M in the past year. The American real estate market earns $2 trillion a year in transactions and over $60 billion in commissions. With tech-savvy millennials approaching the average home-buying age, Home61 is ideally positioned to serve their needs and become their real estate solution of choice.

Part of the success also stems from how the agents are paid. They earn a competitive salary rather than commissions. This way, they can give all of their clients equal attention, regardless of the homes their clients are interested in and the potential commissions. That, plus their technology, sets them apart in a market saturated with competition from both local agencies and big names (Redfin, Zillow, and Compass ring a bell?). Home61 also already has notable investors, such as Kima Ventures, 500 Startups, and Uber.

Maybe Home61 is what potential home-buyers have been looking for: the chance to successfully engage with the real estate process and achieve the American dream. One nation, under home ownership, with equal agent attention -- for all.
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Founder Profile

Founder Profile: Home Buying & Renting the Way It Should Be with Co-Founder & CEO of Home61, Olivier Grinda

Buying or renting a home should be a joyous occasion, one full of optimism and excitement for the future. Unfortunately, it is more often an experience riddled with incompetence, delays, paperwork and pure pain. As Olivier, Co-Founder & CEO of Home61 would put it, we are talking about an industry that happens to fall just ahead of Comcast in terms of customer service. So yeah, the real estate agent industry isn’t exactly #winning to say the least. Teams like Home61 are starting to set their sights on trying to challenge the notion that one of the most important decisions in your life has to be as abysmal as trying to get your cable operator to come install your cable box between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Reinventing how real estate transactions are completed isn’t easy, but by all means the opportunity is there. Through a mix of technology and a reformatting of the real estate agent business model, Home61 is proving that there is a better way. Check out how in our discussion below and if you like what you read, you too can be an investor in Home61 via NetCapital. Yes, I mean anyone thanks to Title III and awesome platforms like NetCapital can now access investing in this high growth real estate tech company backed by some major VCs.

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