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May 1, 2020

How To Use the Portfolio Tool

KingsCrowd is happy to announce the launch of our new portfolio feature. Not only can you now follow companies you like, but you can also track companies that you invest in across a number of platforms. 


Let’s break down how this works-


First, the following feature:


Go to your personal account and under the dropdown, click “dashboard.”

That will bring you to the page below. To follow a company, click “following” on the right-hand menu bar and follow the prompts-

Once you’ve followed a company, we provide insights into what sector the company is in, what their valuation cap is, and what security type they’re offering, like in this example:

But what if you’ve already invested in some companies or you’re ready to start? Our portfolio also lets you track investments you’ve made across platforms, much like following companies. 


Now, let’s go through how to create an investment portfolio:


To create an investment portfolio, return to your dashboard menu and click “Investments” on the right-hand bar-

Follow the prompts to add your first portfolio.

Name your portfolio, give it a simple description, and set your investment limit. It’s as easy as that! Once your portfolio has been set up, you can start adding investments to it.

Adding investments is much like following companies. First, click “add companies.” 

That will bring you to the screen below. Next, click “add investments”-

Finally, enter the details of your investments. Repeat for each investment in your startup portfolio.

Once you have some investments added in, the value of our tracker really kicks in. We automatically break down how you’re investing your money. We show your investments by the security type, the industry sector, and the amount invested. You can also easily view each company and its raise to see how much time is left and whether they’ve met their minimum or maximum goals. 

You can create as many portfolios as you like. Maybe you want to keep separate portfolios for technology versus consumer goods. Or maybe you want to see how your investments on a particular platform add up. Whatever works for you, the KingsCrowd portfolio keeps your investments organized and convenient.


Happy Investing!


About: Chris Lustrino

A Boston College Eagle for life, on a mission to democratize startup investing for all people at KingsCrowd, with a passion for Fintech, investing, social impact, doing well and doing good, and an avid runner, cyclist and writer.

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