ICFB Productions

ICFB Productions

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1950s Sci-Fi Musical-Comedy

1950s Sci-Fi Musical-Comedy


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New York, New York

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Little Shop of Horrors. These cult classics have people wishing they could do the timewarp again, and now there’s a hopeful newcomer to that cult classic list. It’s called It Came From Beyond, and it’s looking for investors to fund its Off-Broadway opening in New York.

According to one newspaper, the premise is “Grease” meets “War of the Worlds.” The plot consists of two parallel stories - one between a high school science geek and the beautiful, popular girl he loves, and the other of a comic book story where an astronomer is striving to stop an alien attack on Planet Earth. The setting is a high school science classroom in 1959, and the cast is composed of five main actors who play dual roles - one in each storyline.

So far, ICFB has earned six Ovation Award nominations from the Los Angeles Stage Alliance, including Best Musical and Best Writing of a Musical. It’s earned rave reviews, and the show’s producers know what’s up -- John Lant and Edmund Gaynes are two of the leading Off-Broadway producers, and each has produced over 100 musicals.

Other than getting tickets to the show as a perk, what will investors earn? Well, after expenses are paid, they will retain 100% of the adjusted receipts. They will also earn 50% of net profits from the NY production, and after 28 performances, share in income streams generated from things like CDs, international tours, and screenplays. While that sounds great, just remember that this production still hasn’t proven they can fill the house Off-Broadway yet. Let’s take this one alien evening at a time here.

If you loved Janet, Brad, Rocky, and Dr. Scott, then this might be a fun investment for you. Will ICFB actually become the next Rocky Horror? Only forces from the beyond actually know. But with profit estimates based on pure anticipation, it might be hard to stomach putting your real world money into the alien world of the unknown. Who knows though? Comic book musicals might truly be the next timewarp.
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